Wednesday, January 27, 2021

New Year Cento

 Hello, hello!

I'm still living in the joy of the our American Library Association's Youth Media Awards held on Monday. What a boost of positive energy!

This week's Poetry Friday Round-up is hosted by Jan at Bookseedstudio. Thank you, Jan!

Each year, I'm thankful for the New Year Postcard exchange hosted by Jone at Deowriter. I took lines from the 2021 cards to create the centos below to create new poetry. Thank you, poets!

Poetry and art from Diane Mayr, Becky Herzog, Margaret Simon, Jone McCulloch 2021

Poetry and art by Linda Baie, Michelle Kogan, Mary Lee Hahn, and Kimberly Hutmacher

Cento for 2021 

A yellow aspen 
makes poetry wishes 
ready to be spent 
upon the lake. 

Universal hope 
fly high, fly free-- 
On wingbeats of blue 
silverdrops dance. 

First full moon 
heralding the new 
shiny coin of here and now. 

But may this new one only hold 
your creative endeavors. 
Springtime is waiting--
music to my ears.

- Lines are taken from postcard exchange '21 Many thanks to Jone McCullouch for organizing!

Poetry and art from Robyn Hood Black, Janice Scully, Carol Varsalona

Another Ox Poem hits the padlet


  1. I haven't forgotten your request for an Aussie Ox/bullock! My photos are still on my old laptop and it just is a fiddle that I keep putting off. You've got a year with this word though, so I'm hoping there's no rush, as such? Loving how you've collaged your cento from others' lines - but how perfect are your first and third stanzas. I adore them both!

    1. Absolutely no rush at all! I have 52 weeks with Ox. And, Ox is not a fast animal. Powerful but not fast. So, I have some time. I love that you are looking for me!

  2. Linda, this was a great idea to create poem from the postcards. I didn't know this was called a cento poem, so thank you for showing me this form. I love the "full moon/ heralding the new," been feeling that lately.

  3. I think your re-imagined poem perfectly defines the phrase, "The gift(s) that keep on giving", Linda! Thanks for sharing your bounty. :)

  4. Linda, I really enjoyed your centro poem as a collage of thoughts connecting the poetry postcards. Thank you for including a line from my offering to you. This idea of yours is fantastic and I think in the future I might try it. The 2nd stanza with its nod to universal hope is beautifully created.

  5. Thanks for the uplifting cento! I think the third stanza is my favorite :). Also like the lovely postcard collages you created.

  6. So clever, Linda, to gather lines from these wonderful postcards into your cento! I have mine gathered all together on my dining table to read & look then do it all again! Each one is a treasure!

  7. I love how you pulled us all together. Mine are on my Poetree. And I love how you created a photo collage. What did you use>

    1. power point! It's my go to for image manipulations. I know I should modernize...but I still love it.

  8. Wow, Linda--I can't believe you got all these lines out of the postcards? And they go together so beautifully? Distinctively poetic, but...also with meaning!

  9. I love how you took these beautiful lines and wove them into another beautiful poem. And seeing all the lovely photos and art together in collages is stunning.

  10. Thanks for introducing me to the cento poetry form, Linda. I especially love the first stanza with its "poetry wishes." Nicely done!

  11. What a lovely and creative patchwork of poems you've spun–I'll take the "springtime is waiting," I'm ready already, thank Linda!


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