Thursday, January 14, 2021

Promises for Inauguration Day

 Hello Poets

I'm all out of ways to make light of the events of 2021. How are you doing? Let's share some poetry. In fact, I prescribe poetry an Rx for our souls.

On Constitution Day in September, I shared Goals for Constitution Day

As I count down the minutes to Inauguration Day, I've thought about many things. This inauguration is not going to be something I simply watch. It's going to be something I participate in as well. 

Consider the words of the vesting clause, article 1, section 2, and the definition of respect.

photo by Linda M. in happier times

Inauguration Day 

On inauguration day, 
I join the elected
          standing before all 
give my full attention 
          to promises faithfully made  
          and to the best of my ability, 
full consideration 
of their pledge

I hold in high esteem, efforts to preserve
        the letter and meaning of the oaths 
I swear also to hold in special regard 
        protection of rights of my fellow citizens.

I join my promises to theirs
        to defend the law of our land 
        the Constitution of the United States. 

So help me God.

(c) Linda Mitchell January 2021

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I have started a padlet of Ox poems. The one little poem there now looks lonely. Each week, I'll add a friend. 


  1. A spoonful of poetry will get us through. Your poem reminds us of the seriousness of the occasion and the oath of office which has been blighted by the one who will not be named.

  2. I love your poem for Inauguration. This is a year we all need to make such solemn pledges to uphold the rights of our fellow citizens and defend our Constitution.

  3. Linda, your poem is a serious one that makes me stop and consider what was not upheld recently and how our President-Elect will honor the word respect. Thank you for sharing something we all should have in our minds and hearts.

  4. Each part shows what citizens can do to support and show our country the pledge, fully, not left to the leaders, but working with them, "I join my promises to theirs ". Heart-felt, Linda. Thank you!

  5. Praying for you all, Linda. There is so much healing needed. So much compassion and respect. So much tolerance and humility. Stay safe and stay sweet, beautiful lady.

    1. Kat, if you look at my photo of the capital veeeeerrrry closely, you can see the tip of your bag in the right corner. I used a pic I took of the day we were there and the poem is...sorry...on top of you!

  6. Linda, I have been thinking about respect for so, so long. Back when I was a paraprofessional, a latecomer to the path that would lead to teaching, I worked with a teacher whose students flourished because of the classroom community she created built on "respect and courtesy." These are mutual. Here's to moving forward in their light. Your poem points the way. I remain so intrigued by your ox collecting! Several years ago I was old that the most popular shade of nail polish was "oxblood"-yikes.

  7. Beautiful, Linda. We have so much to be proud of in this country. History to fall back on, words that have been said over and over and renewed. The lack of respect has been stunning, sad, disheartening. Can't wait for the inauguration.

  8. Your passion shines through this poem, Linda. Thank you. And yay for Ox getting a new space with friends coming soon! xo

  9. How did I miss your Constitution Day poem? Spot on, just like your Inauguration Day poem. SO important that we not just watch, but participate. (Thank you for helping me to shift my plans for next week!)

    I also missed that you chose OX for your OLW. Lovelovelove your plans to explore your word with weekly poems. By the time May rolls around, we will most certainly be using your padlet for our online classroom Poetry Friday poem choices! What a fabulous resource!

  10. Literally COUNTING THE MINUTES, Linda! As excited as I am for change to begin on Wednesday, I am nervous as all get-out about the unmentionable. I need to know more about OX! -- Christie @

  11. "I swear also to hold in special regard
    protection of rights of my fellow citizens." –Yes, let's do this, protect each other, respect each other and begin to mend our tattered country, thanks for your powerful, heartfelt poem Linda!

  12. Linda, your poem highlights all the things that Trump has NOT done, without mentioning him once. Here's to better, more thoughtful and considerate times ahead!

  13. I'm reading this the day after the inauguration, Linda. Your poem reminds me of how grounded our leaders should be in their oath to protect the rights of fellow citizens.


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