Thursday, July 8, 2021

Margaret's Converted Clunker


This is the fourth weekend of summer that I'm traveling. It's so nice to catch up with loved ones in person. I cannot stop smiling. However, news of the variant keeps me cautious with a mask in crowded inside spaces. 

Stay safe, everyone.

Thanks to Margaret for hosting our Poetry Friday Round-up this week at Reflections on the Teche. She's a writing pal that helps me write more and better. I treasure her friendship.

Margaret offered up a fascinating clunker that I've tinkered with this week. I hope I've shined it up enough to make a poem.

Original Line from Margaret:

"What if my hands turned dust to diamonds?” 


If my hands turned dust to diamonds

Would we buy a ring--
            and, in what size?
Will our fingers grow--
            weave into a family tree?
Can we beat that three-legged dog
            racing to get out of the rain--

            shake off the wet
            before streaking the floor
            with storm?

What if floorboards warp --

             so we trip and fall
             turning again to dust
             and need my hands
turn us into diamonds
             once more?

Question Poem by Linda M. (draft)

Hamish and I found this adorable photo of an Ox and friend. The caption on gettyimages is: “Farmer and Buffalo Have Very Happy in Sunlight.” We just had to turn this photo into a poem. Have a peek here



  1. Linda, your clunker sparkles.Your ending reminds me of the Ash Wednesday scripture reading: “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.” Genesis 3:19. I love that twist at the end and Hamish is sharing a lovely poem prompted by a tender painting. Enjoy your travels and hope that you can travel to my new home for a get together poolside on one of our heated days.

  2. Linda, like carol that ending made me think of the line from the Bible and Ash Wednesday ceremonies of my childhood. Your clunker is a diamond in my cold wet Friday here in Australia. SO glad you are getting to catch up with people!

  3. Oh, Linda. You're travelling. And catching up with precious faces. That puts a smile on MY face! And you've for sure turned Margaret's clunker dust to diamond. Fingers weaving into a family tree.💚

  4. I can't even remember where I found that clunker. And here you are turning dust to diamonds with the turn of a phrase and fingers...

  5. Aww, what a very happy love-line: "My very happy sunlight." Lovely! And I adore questions in poems! Thank you for the diamonds, Linda, and happy travels! xo

  6. Linda, a question poem! You ask so many questions that make me wonder. It was a lovely use of Margaret's gift of a clunker. A question poem is something I just added to my list of poems to try. I love that it made a full circle. (Maybe that's part of being a question poem?)

    Love, love, love your sweet farmer-ox love poem based on the inadvertent error on the caption. It is warm and generous and conveys truth the truth that is in the photo.

  7. Love the sweet ox and farmer picture and the poem captures that happy sunlight moment. I enjoyed your question poem. If you can turn dust into diamonds, the possibilities are endless.

  8. Linda: Thanks for sharing the joy of pondering a question... "if we fall" is always a possibility, right? The ox photo and poem are so lovely... cheers!

  9. Nice work on the diamond dust, especially the stanza about the warped floorboards...but what I really really love is your Have Very Happy in Sunlight poem, the repeating three lines. I hadn't been to the padlet in a while, Linda. It's extraordinary what you've collected there!

  10. What a great way to play with words. There are nice surprises in each line! Thanks for Sharing and the sharing the Ox poems.

  11. I'm so glad you've been able to fill your month with travels and visiting. That's a little like making diamonds with dust, isn't it? And your newest ox poem...oh, my heart!

  12. Oh, that Ox poem is a rare treat! I love the bond between Ox and Man that is in the photo and beautifully reflected within your poem. Love to see you putting all those clunkers to work in style and I'm also glad to hear that you've been able to "reunion" a bit this summer.

  13. Lovely voice coming from Hamish, and the pic and poem echo each other in sentiment. And how about those gifted hands turning full circle and making diamonds once more… Glad you are enjoying your journeys this summer Linda!

  14. Your dust to diamonds poem sparkles, but I now have very happy thanks the Ox poem. :D Well done! Enjoy your travels! It's been a long, long time coming.

  15. Oooo...goosebumps for "Will our fingers grow--weave into a family tree?" You and your pen certainly breathed new life into that line. Smashing as always, Linda. -- Christie @


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