Thursday, July 15, 2021

More Clunkers from the Shop

 Hooray for Clunkers!

Thank you poets for all clunker donations. I'm having fun! I cannot fit all the clunkers I'm playing within one post...but here are some. There are more to come next week.

Original clunker from Linda Baie
showing off like high-kicking chorus lines!" 

Jaques, Bertha E. “Gladiola.” Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Chicago Society of Etchers,


showing off like high-kick chorus lines
dressed in beaded, jewel-toned costumes
July’s gladiolas bow
waving to the whistles

from the balcony

ever shameless



(c) Linda Mitchell 

Original clunker from Carol Varsalona: "summer dressed itself "

summer dressed itself
in a thunderstorm with a
rainbow for a hat

(c) Linda Mitchell

Original clunker from Laura Salas: "darkness that shadows a life"

forest floor mushroom

darkness that shadows a life
slow and grow again

Original clunker from Janice Scully: "The creases you cause are long term"

Photo of wallpaper inside Susan B. Anthony House. Rochester, NY. June 26, 2021 L. Mitchell

 Black Sister

Seneca Falls 1848

This poem knows the

number of creases

you’ve ironed as you

 carry the cause
 suffragettes are

marching for. The long-

suffering e.q.u.a.l. endures as a dead term

(c) Linda Mitchell

Hamish and I are humming along with a bossa nova beat that came out of this painting:

Migrant. Potinari, Candido. oil on canvas. 1954.

Thank you for hosting our round-up, Molly. Nix the Comfort Zone is one of my favorite Friday places of refreshment.


  1. More and more clunker magic brewing at your place, Linda! These are wonderful and I'm especially fond of your creative interpretation of Linda B's clunker into "Gladiolas."

  2. Oh, my being out of touch much of these last couple of months means I've missed some GEMS. You are just too clever and fun, Linda - clunkers never looked/sounded so good. Thanks for brightening the day!!

  3. They might not have fit in their original poetic homes, but those clunkers are hidden gems of inspiration. What wonderful poems you've created with them! I love the vibrant energy of the Gladiolas, and the image of summer wearing a rainbow hat.

  4. Thank you, Linda, for introducing the clunker challenge. You have quite an array of clunker lines poetry to share and also another delightful one added to the Hamish padlet. I love what you created for my clunker line. It is such a true statement of what is happening with the weather. The rainbow adds a positive to the poem. The mushroom poem is very clever, Love the nature-related themes you weave.

  5. Wow, Linda. I am sitting here thinking that you have found your poetry style. Your words and lines have such confidence and swagger and I am loving how you command them! I agree with Elisabeth - these clunkers were hidden gems of inspiration.

  6. So much for clunker! You made every single one of these lines shine! Well played!

  7. Wow! You are finding so much rich writing with those clunkers. Who knew? I cut some glads from a friend's yard and they just keep on kicking. Lovely cut flowers you captured with that great line from Linda. I want to tuck this clunker exchange idea away for my writing club kids this year.

  8. I think we have to acknowledge that in your hands--and those of others--there's no such thing as a "clunker"--you made all these ring beautifully. I can't pick a favorite!

  9. I agree with what Heidi said--there's not such thing as a "clunker." Loved all of these!

  10. I love how you took each of these clunkers and wrote them into gold much like the miller's daughter and the straw.
    Hamish and you and the bossa nova...the music is now in my head.

  11. Inspiring work, Linda! "waving to the whistles/from the balcony" 💕

  12. Linda, I agree with Heidi. There are no clunkers here. You've done magic. I think my favorite today is Black Sister. I think you have taken a trip this summer and learned some history that I have not yet, but I'm enjoying doing research after reading your poems. Thank you for these beauties.

  13. My favorite was the Gladiolas! Your poem captured their audacious beauty!

  14. Linda, I think we are all whistling "from the balcony" for all theses blossoming poems—Wow!!! Thanks!

  15. These are all wonderful, Linda! I'm in awe of how you're spinning gold out of these discarded lines. I love them all!

  16. You captured gladioli flamboyance in all their glory. Bravo! (Cue the wolf whistles from the balcony, LOL!) -- Christie @

  17. A clunker celebration is in order Linda. Great to know all these words have been successfully rehomed, re-imagined and refreshed! Well done you!


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