Thursday, November 18, 2021


Hello Poets,

This week is Folk Tale Week. I didn't even know such a thing existed...but look! It's a real thing. If you haven't participated yet, you can certainly finish out the week with some of the prompts. Here's the scoop as I found it on Instagram:

From what I've learned, any creative type can play along...but the original inspiration comes from illustrators.  I have several folktale drafts from this week. Here's one from day one...a warm-up using this beautiful 1938 painting by Nicholas Roerich I found on

Hamish and I were just delighted when this daily poem showed up in our inbox from Poem-a-day from the American Academy of Poets. 

Ultra Orator Spell
By Soham Patel

I become the song I’ve been
singing alone in this field with you.
What deal did we make that leaps
so far behind both into the horizon 
and from it? Some grim comfort
has come my way in the form
of an ox. 
Read the rest here

It was even more fun when poetry friends saw it and shared it with us too. Isn't it amazing how Hamish has enabled me to see and discover this year? What a guy!

Of course, we celebrated, Hamish and I, by combining this poem with folk tale week. our golden shovel on his padlet: 

Thank you, Carol for hosting our Poetry Friday round-up at Beyond Literacy Link. Pop over to her blog for a feast of beautiful images and words.


  1. Linda, your posts always are full of tasty morsels interconnected with love and hope. The folktales tied into the ox poems. Your golden shovel from Patel's poem. I love the meandering joy of following all your links.

    "Then moon spills story after story across the sky" is rich and delightful.

  2. I love your poem to the moon and back, Linda. :)

  3. Oh, wonderful moon poem. And I'm sure featured Patel's poem just for Hamish (he's famous, of course). :) Thanks for the heads up about Folk Tale Week.

  4. What a beautiful image and poem, Linda. I love the idea of the moon spilling story after story across the sky.
    And your golden shovel. Wow! What a great blending of Patel's poem with the idea of Folk Tale Week. Terrific!

  5. May I write that I love this post, Linda, & no I didn't know about folktale week, but love your mixture of poetry with the golden shovel, & the tiny folk tale. It is very fun!

    1. And I forgot after reading all the 2nd part how much I love the moon spilling stories across the sky. My students and I did moon-journaling for a long time, so long it was hard to quit. Have a nice weekend & watch the moon!

  6. I didn't know this was a thing either! I love folk tales and fairy tales. This is going on my calendar for the future. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your poem is testimony to the fact that an economy of words can still impact with intensity and presence. Well done Linda. Your poem is a delight to read.

  8. Linda, once again your researching skills have come prompted you to write a very interesting golden shovel poem. I, too, like the last lines of new moon holds stories. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. ksgiving

  9. Oh Linda, I love the way you and Hamish spread words across the blogosphere. You never fail to make me smile.

  10. Wonderful metaphor Linda,
    "Moon spills story after story across the sky
    And I like the "storytime" in there too!

    How uncanny and what fun to find the Ox "Ultra Orator Spell" poem, thanks Linda!

  11. Your life seems like one continuous, serendipitous poem. :)

    Love this: "Spills story after story across the sky." Lovely!

  12. Oooh! You know how I adore the moon, Linda. And your moon poem is a delight! Hope you are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving! xx Kiesha

  13. Such a great post - I love your golden shovel!


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