Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Heart

Hello Travelers,

I love the word, heart. It is such a loaded word, isn't it? There is the physical aspect of the heart. So many of us exercise, eat well and take nutritional supplements or medicine to keep our hearts pumping. And, there is the idea of the heart as a vessel of human emotion.

This month, millions around the world will celebrate Valentine's Day. We will see paper heart decorations and cards and chocolate and jewelry. A day to put romance on the front burner of consciousness.

Where is your heart in your journey these days? We live in such a data-driven world. We measure, observe, plot, show progress or regression or unfinished learning, spikes of illness, decline, and death. But how do we take stock of the journey of our hearts?

This is the question I pose today. Instead of presenting a finished thought, I'm asking the question...where is your heart on this spiritual journey we are all on?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking. 




Idioms for H-E-A-R-T


If you share your answers, that's fine. I am keeping my answers in my journals except for this...

My physical heart is beating well and appreciates a swim or a walk around the track. It wants to live and I'm tending it for life.

My vessel of emotions, however, is more fragile these past two years. It's been tipped over and filled to overflowing and then emptied again quite a bit in the pandemic and political unrest. Many relationships I have with loved ones have been strained in some way. 

For sure, I have experienced joy and happiness. I am not depressed. And, yet the difficulty and need of others weigh on me.

I long for contentment, a place to set my heart down without worry alongside others who are also healthy, safe, and strong. My faith promises this kind of contentment with belief, trust, and prayer. I know that perseverance will lead me there. If not now, someday. It is my prayer for us all today.

Others on the journey have thoughts too. Please check them out. 

Karen Eastland has a spunky view of heart that sounds a lot like the life of her sister, Virginia. 

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Reflections on the Teche is full of Margaret's wonderful generosity, art, and a student's wow of a concrete poem.

Ruth at There is No Such Place as a Godforsaken Town is holding much in her heart...books and sharpies can be so emotional.

At Horizon 51, Chris gets to the 'heart of the matter' with some inspirational music and images of what fills her heart. 

Ramona at Pleasures from the Page reminds me...and all of us of the importance of recording those family stories. 

Maureen is in with reflections and a beautiful poem at Writing Beside Me.

Ruth Ayers Writes of the sacredness of story -- how it can be used for good or for ill. She makes me consider story in a new way.

Carol has been busy, busy, busy with little ones and lots more...but still takes time to ponder at Beyond Literacy


  1. Linda: Thank you for your thoughts about heart.Overflowing emotions have become the norm for me also at this time. I pray for our future. My blog post is up at https://kceastlund.blogspot.com/2022/02/you-gotta-have-heart.html

  2. Linda, as always you provide a wealth of sources for contemplation, including your own reflections. I especially love DiCamillo's quote on the sacred task of those working on story, bookmaking, and art "making the heart larger through story." This is true; there is a sacredness in that task, for the power of story can move the heart when other things cannot. You also speak such truth about the fragility of the heart and the strain over these two pandemic years and unrest. This is present in ourselves more than we may realize. I see the effects every day at school in colleagues, children, families. The prayer for contentment is needed, for folded within it is rest from worry, fear, anger, so many things with so much weight. The Lord calls us to rest in Him and promises that his burden is light. Thank you for hosting today and lifting our hearts with your faith and the call to perseverance in prayer. It is a blessing.

    My post: https://litbitsandpieces.com/2022/02/03/heart-healing/

  3. Thanks for hosting today with your overflowing heart. I wanted to honor you and your inspiration by making a collage card. I didn't acknowledge this on my post, but when you see it, you'll know. https://reflectionsontheteche.com/2022/02/03/spiritual-thursday-heart/

  4. Thank you for hosting, Linda! You ask great questions, and I attempted an answer here: https://thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com/2022/02/spiritual-journey-thursday-heart.html

  5. Linda, I took a cue from you and examined "heart" from a few different angles, too--along with a musical interlude. https://horizon51.blogspot.com/2022/02/spiritual-journey-thursday-heart-of.html

  6. Linda, so much of what you shared today resonated with me. The Kate DiCamillo quote, this sentence ("And, yet the difficulty and need of others weigh on me."), and your reminder that belief, trust, and prayer can lead us to the contentment we long for.
    I chose to write about my pandemic obsession of sharing photos and telling stories.

  7. Thank you for these beautiful musings on heart, Linda. I can so relate to the feelings of fragility these past two years, and that "the difficulty and need of others weigh on me." You have offered such lovely resources on heart thinking - I look forward to exploring. Here are my reflections on 'heart' -

  8. Ramona promised it would be okay for me to join in with your Spiritual Thursday group. Here is my first offering:

  9. Linda, I am on the journey to save my heart and emotions but time is the dreadful task master who steals time with so many to dos. 5 days with my little grandgirls was a heartfelt journey into giving up personal time and space to care for them. I will send my thoughts later. I love your question and your post. It is filled with vulnerability and pondering on what your personal journey is. Thank you for your patience for my upcoming post.

    1. I am submitting my post with sincere thanks for the community's patience. It is at https://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2022/02/journey-on-with-heart-sjt.html. Journey on Wiyh Heart Everyone!

    2. Linda, that is so sweet of you to take the time to add my name to your post. I'm off now to finish my PF post and then, i will be free to make my rounds at SJT and PF.

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