Thursday, February 17, 2022

When a Poet "Hears" a Rabbit Hole ...

Hello Poetry Peeps,

The Rabbit Hole. College of Natural Health & Homeopathy, 4 June 2020,

I have a story for you. It's nonfiction. But, you might hear hints of Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. 

When a poet walks the track,

    she'll listen to her favorite podcasts

        when she listens to her podcasts, Shortwave is at the top of the list

            Listening to a Shortwave interview of Abra Lee, gives her a chance to hear new science
            stories from Lee's forthcoming book, Conquer the Soil (Workman. Jan 23), about Black                             horticulturists. 

                When she hears eco-poet in the interview she knows she'll learn more about the poet 
                Effie Lee Newsome, a Harlem Renassaince Poet, that primarily wrote for Black children
                from nature as a place of equity and justice

                    Our poet will google Effie Lee Newsome and find poems at
                        The American Academy of Poets

                           When she finds poems at the American Academy of Poets, she clicks all the links!

                                   Because she clicks all the links, she finds a digitized copy of Gladiola Garden 
                                   by Newsome published in 1940. Thank you, NYPL!

                                            When she opens the digital Gladiola Garden, she joyfully reads page after                                                 page after delightfully illustrated page

                                                    She also finds stars (on the padlet)

                                                          Because she finds stars, she'll share them all with Poetry Friday                                                                    friends, like you!

                                                                Then the poet will pull on her shoes to walk the track...

By Effie Lee Newsome 1940

Thank you, Laura Purdie Salas for hosting Poetry Friday this week. I've signed up to attend your March 2nd virtual launch of We Belong. I can't wait to hear the inside scoop on this. Thank you for writing it!


  1. What a glorious journey, Linda - thank you for taking us along! Glad your heart and mind (& feet!) are always open to wonder and connections... :0)

  2. Such an inspiring wander, Linda. Loving your night of stars✨ and midnight chords🎶. Perfect response! And the joyful Gladiola Garden.

  3. I love that rabbit picture! The Gladiola Garden is full of joyous words and images. I love "In slim green boots" - what a wonderful way to describe a plant! Thank you for guiding us down your rabbit hole and introducing us to this wonderful poet.

  4. What a lovely rabbit hole you popped into and looked what treasures you discovered… Love your poem Linda, and all the paths that lead you there, and also Gladiola garden, and that rabbit pic too, thanks for all!

  5. I had to come back and thank you for the link to "Gladiola Garden" It's wonderful, both poems and art!!!

  6. You were made for rabbit holes. Thanks for the podcast suggestion.

  7. If you give a poet a podcast...she's going to want a pen to write a poem. xo

  8. I'm always happy to hop down a rabbit hole with you, Linda! And I'm 'Glad' you included 'Gladiola Garden' - my mom's favorite flower. :)

  9. Dropping into a rabbit hole is obviously a marvelous trip, Linda. That gladiola poem is about as perfect as a poet can write. Thanks much for all the links, will take a trip later!

  10. Thanks for letting us tag along on your wanderings, Linda! You always find the MOST interesting things, and you make me wish I made more time for wandering, too...

  11. Enjoyed trekking along with you and hearing about how one thing led to another. Newsome's poem whets our appetite for spring and of course I LOVE that bunny (I was born in the year of the rabbit). :)

  12. Linda, you definitely went down the rabbit hole. I commend you on your digging deep. Your padlet is looking very good as you fill it with poetic goodness. I will slowly checkout other links. It's a cold winter s day outside. Stay Warm.

  13. This is brilliant, Linda! Thank you for taking us down this rabbit hole with you! "Gladiola Garden" has me longing for warmer days. Thankfully, seed packets are in the stores, and I have a lovely warm southeast window where seedlings love to sprout. I'll be listening to this Shortwave episode and thinking of you as I plant my seeds.

  14. What a trip!
    I LOVE gladiolas, but I have no room in my garden. Effie Lee's will do just fine, though!

  15. I love the glimpse into your rabbit hole! I have so many of my own, too! What a wonderful gladiola poem!

  16. Love the rabbit hole and rabbit-hole-days-- both lead to J-O-Y !! And yours comes through in the delight of each new moment, one leading to the next. Thank you!


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