Thursday, December 22, 2022

December 23. Short Poetry

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas! Thank you, Irene, for hosting this week's round-up at Live Your Poem. Irene inspired these state-shaped ornaments with some she made and shared on her blog. I saw the idea and had to give it a go with my paper scraps and the very irregular borders (fussy cut!) of Virginia.

2 Ornaments in the shape of VA by Linda

I also saw this "poetry lesson" cartoon on twitter weeks ago. I love it! Using this form as a mentor text can lead to a pile of's sort of addicting. And, wouldn't this be fun with students?

These poems are fun to mimic. 

Linda Mitchell 12-23-22

A poem like Monday. Linda Mitchell 12/22

A poem like Friday. Linda Mitchell 12/22

Star is in the process of exiting the 2022 stage. She sure has sparkled. Find the latest on her padlet. Star's padlet is also inspired by Irene's Art Speak collection. Live Your Poem is an endless source of inspiration I am grateful for. Thank you, Irene.


  1. Your state-shaped ornaments are gorgeous Linda, and your "to write a poem like" poems are filled with fun–love those unmatched Monday socks, I may have to try this, and I see how it can be addicting!!! Thanks for all, Merry Christmas!

  2. "clock-watchy" is a great descriptor!

    to write a poem
    like Linda

    swirl starlight
    on paper

    feeling faded?

    let Ox
    haul you home

  3. Clever ideas, these short poems featuring days of the week. They made me smile, especially Monday with the unmatched socks and Friday with too many "have a good weekend"s.

  4. I'm a sucker for a good poetry scaffold! Thanks for this one, Linda. I copied several of your examples into my poetry notebook.

  5. These are all wonderful, Linda. I keep thinking I like one best, then change my mind! I agree they would be great fun to write with students. Thanks for the sharing the mentor and all your sparked responses!

  6. Punchy and clock watchy! That's exactly what these poems are. And Linda, you are a wonder-- I love what you did with Virginia, with its fussy edges. You really pulled it off, which is no surprise. If you have an extra, I'd love to exchange states with you. xo

  7. I love the Poetry Lesson and your wonderful results--including the star on your padlet. All are beautiful and brief with surprises and room for wonder. I will have to try this lesson, too. Thank you and happy holidays!

  8. I love the form! Cannot wait to play with it, especially this week with some family poets visiting! Thank you!

  9. Oh my, each one is a delight, Linda. I love the "listen for bells", and I love Grant Snyder's work, always a treat! Yes, this will be wonderful for students. Happy Holiday!

  10. Goodby Star. I will miss you but your designer is ready to launch a new collection and I am looking forward to it. Linda, your collages are getting better and better. Your work today is just delightful. I think I shall pass on your small poems on to the teachers I work with. Thanks.

  11. Oh, I love this mentor text and where you took it! Fun and a great exercise for students.

  12. Your Grant Snider-esque poemlettes are FANTASTIC! Each one contains such truth. Huzzah!!

  13. Your poems are merry and bright, Linda! Just like YOU! I'm gonna give this Grant Snider technique a try! Merry everything to you and yours. Stay warm!

  14. Oh, these are FUN, Linda! I see the attraction and precisely how addictive they would be. :D Thanks for sharing them.


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