Thursday, February 2, 2023

SJT. Colors of My Life

 The Colors of My Life

I am an earth girl. I have always loved dirt, the forest, clay from creek bottoms, a winter landscape, and chocolate. One of my favorite colors is brown.

However, there’s a time for brown and its opposite bright colors.

Several years ago or so, my husband was super tired of the crafty paint technique on the walls of our mid-90s kitchen-family room. I was game to paint the area. We moved furniture, took down the window treatments and switch plates, prepped the walls, and painted the area in my choice of a cafe-au-lait color.

My husband painted in his careful (aka engineering mind) way. Before new window treatments, switch plates, etc. were put back up, the love of my life looked around at his handiwork and announced, “I hate it.” 

Uh oh. 

Today, our kitchen and family room area remain painted cafe-au-lait and unfinished. My husband and I have launched enough of our four kids that we can finally attend to sprucing up the house we raised them in. It is scuffed up! I’ve been watching Netflix decorating shows, browsing Pinterest and learning about color theory. 

What does this have to do with my spiritual journey? 

Today’s host, Bob, asks us to think about the colors that describe our life. He uses these biblical quotes to guide our writing:

I Am the Light of the World” (John 8:12)

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

Browns represent stability and dependability. I hope the bedrock of our home is that…as I add light and interest to my rooms. There are plenty of family photos and mementos with splashes of color to frame and highlight. I will be looking for paint and window treatments to apply too. I’m enjoying looking at this part of my spiritual journey as a gathering and use of color to extend our journey.

Thanks, Bob!


  1. Linda, since I am more of an earth tone person I agree with you that these colors act as a strong foundation. Colors can be added, but the core values don't change. Brown's offer a safe haven for those who need rest.

  2. Love the palette of browns and your plans to use color to add light and interest. Now to throw in some interesting colors. We'll want pictures!

  3. Enjoy this time of color-searching and refurbishing, and thanks for sharing your true colors ...faithful and dependable colors. There is beauty here.

  4. Linda, you are entering a new phase of your life so a gallon of paint and new decor will bring change but also enhance the idea of permanency. Be sure to let us know how the finished project looks. Brown is a strong color with all sorts of shades to accent it. I like how this new stage of life allows you to gather ideas, samples, thoughts, and decor with added colors to extend your journey.

  5. I love that brown is stability - and that you lived for so long in that brown-hued space, raising a family -- He may have hated the shade, but I'm guessing quite a bit of color was created inside those walls while raising four kids. What a joy that you can pick up now, where you left off, considering all those bright colors that lived with you in those years. I think it is, indeed, part of the spiritual journey - to reflect on the light.

  6. Linda, you made me remember playing in the dirt as a child. My sister and I dug a ginormous hole in our backyard; we intended to dig to the other side of the Earth. Before we quite abandoned this effort, we discovered layers of clay... I can smell it even now. It seems a metaphor life now, aligning with your post...many-layered, appreciating stability, so valuable...even when the color doesn't quite turn out as expected.


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