Wednesday, February 8, 2023


 Hello Friday!

I am participating in Laura Shovan's February poem project. Each year, Laura chooses a theme, and participants take turns sharing prompts around that theme as the group writes daily poems. This year's theme is story.

Weeks before the project began, I went to my camera roll and selected photos I thought might fit the theme. It was about the time that I was also writing to prompts from Ethical ELA a monthly free-write for educators. "Write a short poem: haiku, cinquain, or lantern form."

I had fun writing a bunch of little lantern poems and then I saw that one of the lantern poems fit two of my photos...and there was a story poem in very few words.

Linda Mitchell

are the
bright lantern
that makes my

Linda Mitchell. '23

Have you written lantern poems? Warning--they are addictive! Try it out. And, if you want to follow along with Laura's February project, check out her blog for more information.

There is a new word poem on the padlet in memory of poet Linda Pastan, a poet I admired and who recently passed away. 

Thank you, Carol for hosting our Poetry Friday round-up today.


  1. Thank you for a new short form and a fabulous mentor text. I'm off to give it a try right now!

  2. These look fun, Linda, new ones to me. And I loved the link that put so many together. Your lantern "love poem" is just right for Valentine's Day! Have a happy one!

  3. A new word on your padlet-I rushed over and read your tribute. Lantern poems are new to me so perhaps one of the February prompts will find its way as a lantern poem. Thanks for the link to poetry formats, Linda.

  4. Now I want to make a lantern poem, Linda. Sweet little love story in your poem.

  5. Your bright lantern poem is lovely, Linda. (Valentinesy, even.) And your padlet of poetry is wonderful. I can see a publishable collection gathering in those words. Such a wonderful theme!

    1. Oh my goodness! This is the second time I've been caught with an Anonymous comment this round. Kat here! x

  6. Oh, my gosh, another new form! A lantern. I learn so much from all the great teachers who participate in Poetry Friday. :) I like your lantern poem, Linda. It reminds me of a friend who I wrote about a few weeks ago.

  7. You
    from word to us

  8. ooh...always love learning a new form - thanks Linda. How fun to see the story unfold!

  9. Your lantern poem is delightful!! And I didn't know about Pastan's passing, so thanks for that tribute poem too. :). ~ Jama

  10. Thanks for introducing a new poetic form. I love your bright lantern poem.

  11. Lovely. You are always lighting the way, Linda. :)

  12. Linda, I keep seeing evidence of all the lovely poems I missed from you all at Laura's challenge this month. Thanks for sharing your process. I like the idea of choosing "story" photos from one's camera roll to inspire poetry. Thanks, Linda.


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