Thursday, January 4, 2024

Happy New Year!

Hello Poets and Happy 2024!

I am hitting the ground running after a glorious winter break trip to Hamburg, Germany. Even though the weather was dark and drizzly, I loved all of the Christmas markets, art museums, neighborhood walks, and dinners with friends. Thank you, Marcie Atkins, for hosting this week's round-up.

WORLD is my one little word for 2024. I introduced WORLD here. A padlet has been started for WORLD here.

Our creative and smart poemster friend Heidi set the January challenge for the Inklings. Come along and play with us.

First, we received this beautifully hand-made countdown calendar. Each day celebrates Yuletide with a prompt for thinking and writing. I love this so much!

Heidi's gift

I don't have a poem for every prompt...but I have some. Each prompt worked well with my time away to slow down and look--taking in sights, sounds, and, feelings more than my day-to-day speaking, teaching...and even complaining. Writing to these prompts was good for my soul.

Returning Sun

When our faces are hidden by winter clouds

we wear scarves, hats, and mittens

We look for you in the dark sky

We call out Sun, return to us!

Sun, return to

Sun, return


Linda Mitchell 1/5/24


Seating with room to spare-
including a spot for you
on this crowded bus of the WORLD.

A smile for you and all
your friends – and theirs too.

Generosity has spare change
to help anyone out in a pinch.

Generosity makes sure no one
is left out or behind.

Generosity has an abundance of heart, 

space, things to share.

All of this and more is generosity.

Linda Mitchell 1/5/24


Where cats
sleep in my favorite chair

Home is where brewing coffee
scents the air

Home is where my laptop
sits on our kitchen table

Home is where I am able

to look out to pine trees

waving seasons in
and sweeping seasons out.

Home is where I sleep best

best when everyone I love
is there.

Home is singing washing dishes after a close game of cribbage

Home is

reading before bed and a kiss goodnight.

Linda Mitchell 1/5/24

For more responses to Yuletide prompts visit:


  1. I love that we both shared a picture of Heidi's gift "in the wild," and that we both chose our Generosity poems! My Home poem featured the kitchen junk drawer! I loved calling the sun back on the Solstice. So. Much. Fun.

  2. Linda, your poems are so very you, written even as they are to someone else's vision! We both repeated "Return!" 3 times; I love "pine trees waving and sweeping," and "all of this and more" is in fact generosity. Thank you for playing along and hanging my creation in such a beautiful spot, my friend. May the WORLD be good to you this year!

  3. I love these poems and this glimpse into your poetic world. What a wonderful word choice too, at a time when we need to see the world as a whole.

  4. From word to world... how wonderful, Linda! So glad for your holiday, too. May it will bring you many poems! xo

  5. Looking forward to your journey with world—you had a wonderful jump- start visiting Germany! The voice of “Generosity” is intoxicating—love its casualness, and I love “Home’s” closing, thanks for all Linda!

  6. WORLD is so apropos, Linda! It is expansive and looks outward. Great choice! I love your poems. Home, in particular, got me with your line about sleeping best when everyone you love is there. I know that feeling well.

  7. Such a gift - the prompts! I adore your call to Sun - especially the repeating, yearn of "Return!" I feel it with my whole body.

  8. Linda, Happy New Year and what a treat to travel to another part of the WORLD. Your new OLW allows an international look at life. I look forward to what your padlet will grow into. "Generosity has an abundance of heart." - A beautiful line! I also liked this imagery-filled line: "I can see Home is where I am able/to look out to pine trees/waving seasons in/and sweeping seasons out". The world is your oyster in 2024< Linda.

    space, things to share.

  9. WORLD is a great word! And I love the gift of prompts. So lovely!

  10. I can't wait to read the poems that spring from your OLW! I always enjoy you poems. My favorite today is "Home." So comforting!

  11. Oops! I am the anonymous commenter. : )

  12. Wonderful word for the year, Linda. I especially loved your poem about generosity - it's in so many small actions and reminds me that it's a cousin of kindness. Have a wonderful year exploring WORLD.

  13. That "Home" is so full of particular details--I love it, Linda.

  14. I can't wait to hear more about your trip and look forward to learning more about where "World" and you will travel together this year. Your Generosity poem is so warm and big-hearted--just like you! I also really like how you chose to broaden the "home" prompt by including the multiple small details that combine to create your home. Perfect!

  15. "World" is a fabulous word for 2024, Linda. And oh, "Home" ... happy sighs, so relatable. Happy new year, friend!


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