Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Inspiration in Teachers Write today is from author Sarah Prineas to see the protagging our main characters accomplish in our stories. My protagonist is one that always moves forward no matter what, somewhat heroically. Her name is Irene. This is a draft I will tinker with later.

See Sarah's writing exercise please visit Teachers Write on Kate Messner's blog: http://www.katemessner.com/teachers-write-7-21-15-tuesday-quick-write-with-sarah-prineas/

Irene's Doors

If I figure right,
I’ve walked in and out of
ten thousand doors in my life.
Everyone does.
It’s just a matter of
which doors invite us.

My first was the finely
planed, green painted door
of the mountain house Dad built for Mama.
That door fairly kissed me
in my comings and goings.

When Mama died I left the
familiar green, walked down the mountain to Aunt Ruth's
weather-beaten board door
leaning my head and hip
against the spot that always
seemed to stick in the jam.

The door to the farm-truck
that drove us to Daniels
was wide-open-friendly, dusty and work worn.
That door squeaked and closed
with a bang that told me I was going

Unlike the taxi Mrs. Lesley called
to take us to Guilder House.
Those doors were all business
of hush and quick out of the
city and up the hill for a fare.
Now, Guilder House door looks down on me with indifference. There is no friendliness or welcome
in it’s black paint and brass knob.

I am nothing to this door.
But to me, this is door
ten thousand and one. by Linda Mitchell
all rights reserved 7/21/15

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