Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kekla Magoon's Mini-Lesson on Points of View

From today's Teacher's Write mini-lesson, the wonderful Kekla Magoon. Kekla is one of my favorite authors. I love her fresh voice and the topics she chooses to write about. She takes me to places I've never been and I learn so much.

To see today's quick write lesson visit Kate Messner's Teachers Write blog:

My quick write response of two characters I'm getting to know in a wip. It's enough of a draft to play with later. Thanks, Kekla!


Empty Flour Sack

The pantry flour sack
was empty so
I washed it and
hung it up on
the basement line.
I’ll cut an apron for Pearl
covered in flowers
and tuck a tea towel
into each pocket.
I’ll add Mrs. Lesley’s
recipe for Date and Nut Bars.
Someday, when we are ladies
with our own homes
we will make fancy foods
for our husbands.
Our aprons will be starched
and our tea towels
will be finest linen.

Linda Mitchell 7/30/15 all rights reserved
Mrs. Lesley

Empty Flour Sack

I cannot keep enough
eyes on that girl, Irene.
I need blacking cloths
for the fire place
and Mrs. Guilder’s shoe kit.
That old flour sack
was in the kitchen pantry
yesterday and I
went to take the shears
to it -- but it was gone.
Looked all over for it.
Irene was awful quiet
as she scrubbed pots
in the sink.
    Irene, where is that flour sack?
    Which sack, ma’am?
    Oh, for pity sake...the newly emptied one.
    Dripping dry in the basement, ma’am.
    What on heaven’s green earth for?
    I’d thought to make a new apron, ma’am.
    You  have plenty of service aprons.
    An apron for my cousin, ma’am….she
    has needed a new one for a long time, ma’am.
Oh, dear girl.
A flour sack apron...
How can I deny such a luxury
to your friend?

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