Thursday, July 14, 2016

Poetry Friday
July 15, 2016

I have a writing project set in the 1930s. One of the characters is a teenager named Irene.
When Jo Knowles challenged Teachers Write Campers Monday, July 11th :

Take a moment to reflect on what's been happening in the world and what we can do, however small, to put more love in it. To connect. Today's prompt: Write a poem or other reflection starting with the phrase, "I am only one person, but I can...."

This is my response...from teen Irene and a fictional teen of today named Amani. I call this a side-by-side poem. I don't know if there is an official title for the form or not. Doesn't matter. I like the two voices side-by-side.

Thank you to Franki & Mary Lee over on A Year of Reading for hosting today's Poetry Friday.

(c) Linda Mitchell


  1. I like those two poems immensely. They are an excellent offering for today with what is going on in the world. I especially like "faith is a politician on a bus/ headed due out-of-town."

  2. I love how these two voices speak the same truth from two different times. We need more history so we can remember and learn!!

  3. These are so powerful, Linda. I love the way the side-by-side lines echo each other, that both their names mean Peace, for instance. And after yesterday's latest tragedy in France, Amani's is bringing tears to my eyes. Your next novel in verse, perhaps?

    I absolutely love this line: "fear is a landlord and the rent is past due" and the way it echoes "faith is a politician on a bus/headed due out-of-town."

  4. I love how you have shown that we have similar problems but a very different perspective on them. One of the most profound parts is how in the 30's people looked to God and the church, but today they look to popular culture and celebrity.

  5. The two voices from afar and then today, poignant and alarming, too. You've juxtaposed them as they should be, including timely images, and hope from each in unique ways. Nice to read, Linda.

  6. You did a lot with that prompt, Linda. I hope that Irene and Amani will meet someday, somewhere in a book!

  7. These are beautiful, Linda. I love how each poem echoes the other, but it does make me wonder, will we ever learn?

  8. I'm enjoying the conversation between these two side by side poems/voices.

  9. Love the side by side style that transcends time. Brava, Linda! =)

  10. I love these side by side poems. Our sixth graders do a unit with BUD NOT BUDDY. Would it be ok if I shared these two poems with them and let them have a go at writing their own?

  11. I hesitate to say these are beautiful because of the topics, but they are so beautiful, Linda.

    I am drawn to the characters' finding positive actions, despite the depressing days:
    Count blessings .... / Keep from judging -

    I always feel even one ray of hope can lift a life...I'm finding in our town, extra politeness, more courtesy, in simple every day exchanges on errands and out & about...

    1. so good to hear that real folks are responding with kindness. These events rattle me so much.


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