Friday, July 1, 2016

Poetry Friday

Teachers Write has started and I am enjoying the creativity, the author advice and the community of support.

Teachers Write
In the fresh hours
of morning
bodies still
on school time
sipping caffeine
     --words as mug warmers
        and to-go cups
for bitters and sweet
of what led up
to this year’s last day.
They type,
doodle, print
and search for clues
to the one true
of their mystery:
Who learns more--
Student or

(c) all rights reserved

Many thanks to Tabatha Yeatts for hosting this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up on her blog, The Opposite of IndifferenceHead on over to see lots more poetry.  

PS: There's a novel-in-verse guest author over on Teachers Write today.....Caroline Starr Rose. I'm delighted when major sectors of my world and life meet like this. Take a peek:


  1. Words can play so many roles, can't they? I like "words as mug warmers and to-go cups/for bitters and sweet."

  2. Ahh... I always learn from you, Linda.
    Happy Holiday Weekend to you & your lovely Family.

  3. Love your opening lines "In the fresh hours of morning / bodies still on school time." That is the universal time zone of teachers.

  4. Who learns more, indeed! A fabulous lead to that last conundrum. Happy holidays! We are enjoying our mid-year break - in sync with you, just shorter.

  5. Nice to meet you, Linda--and thanks for letting me know about Teachers Write Camp--just what I need this summer! I'm all joined up now and rarin' to go. As a return favor, I'm also using "Rip the Page" as a resource this summer. It's by Karen Benke and it's a lot of fun!

  6. I find myself still on school time too, up early and enjoying the morning quiet!

  7. Good for you -- taking part in Teachers Write and putting yourself in your students' place!

  8. Love the perspective of teacher as learner - necessary and informative. Thanks for sharing, Linda! =)


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