Friday, July 22, 2016

Poetry Friday
July 22,2016

Many thanks to BOOKS4LEARNING for hosting today's Poetry Round-Up.

It's July but I'm thinking about October....October 6th to be more precise. Because, October 6th is National Poetry Day in ENGLAND.

Liz Brownlee, a National Poetry Day Ambassador, is asking for message poems.
These poems will be shared on her website and entered into a contest. She shared this information just this morning on her blog.

If you are British, I hope you look into participating with an entry. If you are not British, such as myself, let's support a day of poetry by taking up the challenge and sharing in our own ways.

There are lesson plans and all sorts of download, activities, and goodies at the Arts Council England

For more details look here:

I do enjoy a poetry challenge -- I think I will join in on this one in thinking and writing at least if not entering from across the pond.


  1. I love your suggestion for we non-Brits to celebrate in our own ways... lovely! A message poem... hmmm... Thank you for sharing, and happy Poetry Friday!

  2. It will be fun to write a 'message' poem, and I like that there is a challenge on the Brits' poetry day. Thanks for telling us, Linda.

  3. I like the idea of the message poem, too. A fun way of celebrating. She has an excellent poem, Dear Bee, linked there.


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