Thursday, July 5, 2018

Poetry Friday 7/6/18

Happy Hot Poetry Friday!

It seems like yesterday, I was feeling like winter would go on forever...and today is an experience in hot, Hotter, HOTTEST! 

Thank you to today's host of Poetry Friday links, Tricia at
The Miss Rumphius Effect

Allow me to introduce you to a Flamingo named Bob. You can read Bob's story in The Audubon Magazine's 2017 Summer issue and...or in a haiku account I extracted from the story and share below.

Doest, Jasper. “The Busy Life of Bob the Flamingo.” Audubon, Audubon, 6 July 2017,

Bob the flamingo
crashed into a window -- ouch!
rescued by Odette

Odette doctors birds
especially injured birds
Bob accepted help

Bob's charisma
enchanted children in schools
a popular guest

four foot tall pink birds
teach conservation ethics
to human fledglings

curious children
ask about feathers and food
doesn't bother Bob

a student carries
Bob to Odette's car--careful
kids and birds better 

Words found by Linda Mitchell

Photos by Jasper Doest


  1. Ahhh....I love the story of Bob the Flamingo! You haiku series captures and presents it well. I love the "four foot tall pink birds/teach conservation ethics/to human fledglings."

  2. Thanks for sharing the story of Bob the Flamingo. I just copied my favorite haiku, planning to paste it here and then saw Kay had already done so! "Human fledglings"--perfect!

  3. Bob is doing a great service! Thanks for sharing his story here.

  4. Happy to know about Bob in this lovely story, Linda. I like the idea of "human fledglings".

  5. I love your use of haiku to tell a story, and such an uplifting one. Thank you.

  6. What a wonderful story! I love those "human fledglings" too!

  7. Charming Linda, and a wonderful story told via your haiku poem, brava! Love how Bob has gotten help and is now giving help to others understanding his plight.

  8. Love this series of haiku poems paying tribute to Bob. I love his story.

  9. Love your haiku-story!

    And the photo of Bob's feet with the spangly manicured and sandaled women's feet was priceless!

  10. I love that you wrote a series of linked haiku to tell Bob's story. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your haiku-story is a wonderful found poem, Linda, that is well depicted in photos. The part that resonated with me like others is "four foot tall pink birds/teach conservation ethics/to human fledglings."


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