Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Poetry Swap Can Be...

Good Friday Poets,

Can you feel a change? The temperature has dared to dip and dry out the air at least once here. My leaf-friends are looking a bit tired. Even though we still wear shorts and sandals...autumn is surely on her way.

I am grateful for Tabatha's Summer Poetry Swap. I've gotten a boost of inspiration from fellow poets that enjoy writing and sharing with someone else. I've loved seeing the sharing on various Poetry Friday blogs throughout the summer. Thank you, Tabatha for hosting the exchange.

card by Michelle Kogan

My mailbox brought me these beautiful treasures from Michelle Kogan who took a line from a recent poem of mine and made it the theme of her tremendous gift of painting and golden shovel poems. 

Old Town Manassas by Michelle Kogan

Summer's Face
For Linda Mitchell

Travel through summer
Her rolling blue
Mountains dappled in nature's paints,
Alight on earthy red highlights. Ah...It's
Mother Nature's magical face.

Journey Back
For Linda Mitchell

Weaving steps with threadbare threads
journey back through
time...To a field
brimming with history to
a mountain range overlooking hills 
hiding answers to
trying times...awaiting hearing in the sky

(c) Michelle Kogan

Not only that, but she looked up my hometown and painted one of our best landmarks--the trains station in Old Town Manassas. 

Four bookmarks -- when fit together form the painting! Wow! by Michelle Kogan

I'm blown away by Michelle's care and attention to detail--and artistry. What a lovely, thoughtful gift. It's simply stunning and I feel so special to have received it. Thank you, Michelle!

Hand-stitched journal by Michelle Kogang - Wowie wow wow!

A Poetry Swap Can Be

A do-si-do of poems
words of inspiration
proof that I’m not simply
whistling in the dark
with paper and pen
or laptop
or stick in the sand
on a beach.
A poetry swap can be
an old fashioned envelope
in my mailbox
a package
with a door bell ring
tied up with ribbons
taped with love
painted with care
so many, many things,
A poetry swap can be
reason to write
Write as a writer
the way I’m
to be.

(c) Linda Mitchell with thanks to all those that swapped poetry this summer.

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  1. Oh, Linda! Michelle's artwork is gorgeous, and a what gift that she used a line from your poem! Your "A Poetry Swap Can Be" is fun to read, especially "a do-si-do of poems" I love that! Yes, autumn is on the way! I can't wait.

  2. Very nice artwork! I like the poem about the poem swap very much. The tempo really flows for me. I think the final lines really drive the connection aspect that it isn't just about connecting, it is about connecting with who I'm supposed to be. Both vulnerable as a creator and honest with ourselves & others. Excellent work!

  3. Mother Nature's magical face is beautifully rendered by Michelle and she even tucked away her inner advocacy within the 2nd poem: "hiding answers to/trying times. What a great idea to take a drawing and cut it into bookmarks-Michelle is clever, creative, and talented. Your little do-si-do of poems' line is a testament that the poetry swap is a wonderfilled exchange of talent, creativity, and energy.

  4. Wow! What an amazing gift you received. I love the do-si-do of pWow! What an amazing gift you received. I love the do-si-do of poems!oems!

  5. What a loving post, Linda, all those gifts to you & then from you are very special. Yes, I love that "do-si-do of poems", too.

  6. Wow oh wow oh WOW! What a treasure trove. I adored the haiku card... then proceeded to fall in love with every offering you shared. A beautiful collection!

  7. Receiving a poetry swap from Michelle is always so much more than poetry; it's art and creativity and joy! Such a lovely and meaningful painting. I love A Poetry Swap Can Be showing the excitement of the exchanges.

  8. Oh wow, what beauty and thoughtfulness from Michelle! And your poem is such a tribute to the Poetry Swap experience. Thank you! xo

  9. Irene basically said what I was thinking. I am working on a poem inspired by a Pen Woman sister who passed away in the spring, age about 94, and as a tribute we will read poems of hers and ours that connect, plus one or two new ones that her poems inspired. Yours certainly inspires, Linda, as do Michelle's lovely art pieces. So happy to see your wonderful post today. I am trying to write about the act of composing, the muse, the pencil in flight.
    Janet Clare F.

  10. What thoughtful surprises from Michelle came through your door! Thanks for this post which had me smiling throughout - such a wonderful community we have. :0)

  11. Wow! Those poems and art from Michelle are beautiful and thoughtful and creative--everything that everyone has said so far. I, too, love your do-si-do of poems--how your poem captures the joy and connection of this poetry community -- most definitely through the swaps, and also through the sharing each week.

  12. Love your "do-si-do of poems" Swap poem Linda, swaps are all these and a treasure to receive. Thanks for so lovingly sharing my swap poems and art in your post–I had lots of fun on the road to where they took me…

  13. WOW! What beautiful gifts from Michelle. Thank you for sharing tose gifts and the lovely gift of your own poem as well.

  14. Oh, Linda! These are such glorious treasures! Quite a "do-si-do" of artistic masterpieces, which I love :) It's great to be back in the round-up this week and visiting your space!

  15. This post is brimming with goodness from Michelle's thoughtful, creative gifts to your poetic tribute to the poetry swap. I love your use of the word "do-si-do" and you've nailed the beauty of the connections within this poetry community. Well done!

  16. Loved the beautiful bounty that is Michelle's swap! Amazing!

  17. What a stunning collection of words and images! Michelle's poetry gifts are truly treasures.

  18. Michelle's art and poems are truly gifts from the heart. I am glad you shared them. I love your poem. It really does capture the essence of a poetry swap - the love and care that go into that magical envelope in a old fashion mailbox!

  19. I love everything! That Manassas painting really blows me away. So very thoughtful. What a sweetie.

  20. Beautiful! Mother Nature's magical face is surely smiling at you in this gift. :) One day I fantasize about having the kind of summer where I, too, can dance this do-si-do of poem swapping!


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