Thursday, July 9, 2020

Spiritual Thursday


My church regularly takes prayer requests. I usually don't make any. I'm not opposed to them. It's more that I feel my requests are private and God can handle them anyway. So, why bring anyone else into it?

A couple of weeks ago I changed course. One of my children graduated from High School. As a family, we were taking graduation to far-flung and elder family members instead of putting any burden on them to travel to our celebration. 

Our road-trip took us through and to states where Covid-19 is spiking.  

My prayer request had nothing to do with Covid-19 (although I have prayed for good health). My prayer request was for me to have peace as we were traveled to loved ones with varied political and world views. I asked that the church pray for me to not let my opinions or mouth get the better of me as it has many times.

I have already spent much time reading scripture and in prayer over this worry. I have sought secular wisdom as well. There is a lot out there. This from Brene Brown is one of my favorites:

Brene Brown

In this time of public discord, we need tremendous strength of spirit to love one another. It's OK to ask for prayerful help. I'm stronger for the added prayers of many to my own. It feels like growth.

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  1. Linda, congratulations to the graduate and I am glad that you made it home safely. I am always worried about COVID and try to stay out of political debates. Both my husband and son are on the opposite side of the political arena as are many of my friends. Wild Heart sounds like good advice.


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