Thursday, October 29, 2020

One Last Word: Halloween Haiga

 Happy Halloween Eve,

Our friend Linda is hosting our weekly round-up at Teacher Dance. Please peek in on all the poetry doings there.

I have an oops to correct from last week. I posted some found Penta poems from an article about Ketty Nivyabandi. In my post, I referred to the new form by student Chloe as pento poems and then didn't even follow the form rules. Yikes! How embarrassing. 

I've taken the post down until I can make corrections. Oops! With apologies to Chloe and Margaret. And, thanks to those that saw my oops and let me know with good humor and gentleness. I love my poetry peeps.

Are you in the Halloween spirit? I'm not very much. But, I'm trying. The three haiga below are In One Word, a form invented by April Halprin Wayland. The word? Why, Halloween, of course!

I've listed a few words that can be made from the letters that spell HALLOWEEN. Each haiga line ends with one of the words culled from HALLOWEEN. 


(c) Linda Mitchell 10/30/20


  1. Linda, great job with the haigas and April's one word challenge. I have not tried either yet. I have been working on the pantoum which is tricky enough for me now. I especially like the last image poem with icicled-look. That is an amazing visual from which to start. Your accompanying haiku is wonderful (pale and wan). The pumpkin one is a hoot. I love the old postcards/photos of yesteryear. would you like to share those on my Abundant Autumn Gallery?

  2. I love that you "found" words in Halloween for your haiga work, Linda & adore the images also, I guess, "found'. Love that "every cry lean". No worries about the 'pento' poems. You gave it a try which counts a lot! Happy Halloween, no matter what happens, and enjoy that beautiful moon!

  3. Wonderful! I agree with Linda - the point is that you are trying new things and staying creative. I always love what you share!

  4. I thoroughly enjoy your one word inspired haiga, Linda! Your urging to "choose a pumpkin now" is timely...and true! Give yourself grace about the pento poem - you have an amazing poetic adventurer spirit. :)

  5. These are lovely - the urgency of collecting what Autumn has on offer and fanning those embers - because the lean times are coming... reminds me I need to go and do another leaf walk! I really like these, thanks for sharing them today.

  6. Love these haiga, Linda (cool photo choices)! I think the second one is my favorite. :)

  7. The first haiga is very spooky. Something about wolves this time of year. I think it's my favorite, though I like them all. Thanks for sharing them and Let's hope for a calm Halloween.

  8. These poems are inspiring. Where do you find such great images? Do you write first or find the photo first? I love how you used the words in Halloween. This is a very class-friendly poetry activity. I love those girls in the pumpkin patch with all that autumn has to offer.

    1. National Gallery of Art and The Smithsonian has images that can be downloaded. Many are un-restricted for use. Warning, both are rabbit holes!

  9. Love your haiga and the perfect images--I can hear those hungry yips and howls. And I will have to look into April's new form, because I have been playing with anagram poems!

  10. These are very clever, Linda.I especially love "before this frost collects all/autumn has on loan." The frost has definitely collected here this morning!

  11. Yes - clever, clever - thanks for sharing, Linda! Happy Halloween-ing to you. (I'll have to check out April's new adventure, too.) Love that thought of what "autumn has on loan."

  12. Your trio are simply perfect for the season!

  13. Oh! I love, love all of these Linda! You are brilliant to combine two poetic forms and then match them with the perfect photos. "fan the embers" indeed! What a marvelous trio--thanks for serving up the perfect Halloween treat!

  14. Lovely odes to autumn, Linda, and I didn't notice your oops at all. I still enjoyed them- whatever form they were :)

  15. Linda, these are stunning! That wolf one is my favorite,

  16. Beautiful! (And a great way to coax yourself into the spirit of the season.) I think my favorite is "autumn temps drop low."


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