Thursday, March 11, 2021

Celebrate Women

Hello Friday!

I'm happy to see Friday rolling into my world. And, I'm happy that Heidi is hosting our round-up at My Juicy Little Universe. She is a poet who inspires me as her poems emerge from a full and busy life. 

On Thursdays, Margaret Simon hosts This Photo Wants to be a Poem. This week, she shared a photo of a patch of clover. The miracle of flowers so close to receding winter days caught her photographer and poet's eye. 

The photo sparked me. I thought of Women's History Month. #Womenshistorymonth. 

photo by Margaret Simon

Celebrate Women

Notice clover  
as winter flees. 
Think Rachel Carson and-
Margery Stoneman Douglas 
Greta Thunberg, Berta Caceres--  
entire fields of women who
call into action  
new thought 
within thinking communities-- 
to protect, mend conserve— 
mysteries of the earth  
that ground us  
as she blooms and spins

(c) Linda Mitchell -- draft

See the newest Ox Poem on Hamish's padlet. He's made friends with Canadians. 


  1. What a wonderful image - these strong women as blooming heralds of the need to make a brighter world. Thank you for your poem, Linda.

  2. Lovely, strong tribute, Linda - speaks to the enduring legacies of these lovely, strong women. Magnificent how this grew from the clover. Love your lines on new thought, protecting, mending, my mind I see women through the ages, a long line of shadowy images tending the earth and humanity... as the Earth herself does. Beautiful interconnectedness.

  3. "entire fields of women"! I love the feeling that the earth is thick with women doing their bloomin' best to save us, not all of them famous but all doing their part. Nice!

  4. Love how the clover became fields of exemplary women exploring and standing for what they believe in.

  5. I don't see many fields of clover here, but remember our constant hunt for the four-leafed ones when I grew up, Linda. How special that you connected this with women - "as she blooms and spins". More & more we are hearing of those who rarely were noticed. Wonderful ode to all!

  6. I love the pinks and greens together in the photo. Women are as numerous as those leaves and it's a gift to hear so many of their voices lately, past and present, with great courage.

  7. First I love all the actions you've pulled into your poem, the conservation minded women, and then those special…
    "mysteries of the earth
    that grounds us
    as she blooms and spins"

    Beautiful, thanks Linda!

  8. Great stuff! I love the people you've brought in, and the blooming and spinning! Off to read the ox poem...

  9. Oh, Linda--those last 4 lines especially...swoon :>)

  10. I love the interweaving of these women with the growth and action within nature.

  11. Echoing others' comments -- those last three lines are gorgeous! Thanks for inspiring us with your lovely poem. Wonderful tribute to those women mentioned.

  12. Love this poem, Lind, and the "fields of women," which include you!

  13. All outstanding in their field, Linda. Love how you wove all of this together! "Mysteries of the earth that ground us." Well done, as always. -- Christie @

  14. You've interwoven so many strands here, Linda! Like so many others, I love "fields of women" and those wonderful ending lines.

  15. What a wonderful poem--I love how you knit together these wonderful women and nature. I love the image of fields of women and the last 3 lines, too. Thanks for sharing this and inspiring me!


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