Thursday, March 18, 2021

Oriel and Ark and Higgins

 Good Bye Winter,

You've been swell. My family and I managed to stay healthy. I wrote lots thanks to Laura Shovan's February Poem Project and Ethical ELA, and my friend Ox. School kept me busy in good and creative ways. 

But, if I'm honest, I won't miss you, winter. I look forward to the warmth and sunshine of approaching spring and summer.

Ox and I continue to play.  I've started thinking of the padlet of ox poems as Hamish's padlet .  His poem was the first of 2021. 

Since January, Hamish has made friends with oxen from China, Mississippi, Australia, Canada as well as people of the past such as photographer Dorthea Lange. This week, Hamish met a hard-working team from County Sligo, Ireland when I learned a mountain range named, The Ox Mountains, is located there.

Oriel and Ark

Oxen friends of Ox Mountain 
County Sligo, Ireland  
Pull and plow  
for Higgins  
a man determined  
to practice organic  
and biodynamic agronomy. 
New names  
for old ways  
in old Eire land  
amuse Oriel and Ark  
who help Higgins  
grow fine and fit plants  
for folk to eat  
in Ireland.

(c) Linda Mitchell

Thank you, Linda Baie for hosting this week's round-up at Teacher Dance. Make sure you stop over to her blog for some fresh poetry from our friends.


  1. This needs to be some kind of book, Linda. Backed by oxen history or oxen whimsy, it's intriguing and clever, seems no surprise from a librarian! I love the crafty "New names /for old ways ". Keep going!

  2. Such a fine poem Linda, especially with your "f" alliteration at the end
    "grow fine and fit plants
    for folk to eat
    in Ireland."
    And the "p's" in the beginning, and mixing the old and new. It has such a nice, jaunty rhythm to it, I'd like to meet "Oriel and Ark" too, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the poetic introduction to Oriel and Ark, Linda! I, too, was struck by your lines, "New names/for old ways" - Higgins is 'thinking outside the ox'. ;)

  4. Loved meeting Oriel, Ark, and Higgins in your fine poem, Linda. What a fun and intriguing project!

  5. Linda, your travels with Ox has led to an amazing array of poems on your padlet. Today's poem comes right in time for a visit to Ireland with Higgins in the local news. "New names for old ways"

    I am an official Virginian now and getting familiar with the ride from Gainesville to Manassas. I found a road called Ox Road when my husband and I drove my son to Woodbridge for his J&J shot yesterday. Can't wait to be settled in.

  6. (Haha Bridget - the end of your comment!!) Linda, happy you have continued to explore these rutted trails with oxen! Of course I'm crazy about anything Ireland and appreciate your subject - and mostly appreciate your creative, spirited adventures. Here's to a new season....

  7. I love your oxen, as always!

  8. Love your latest Ox poem. Hamish reminds me of a Scottish Highland cattle.

  9. Wow! Your padlet has grown since last I peeked! What a fun project that is taking you around the world and through time.

  10. I love Oriel and Ark--and Higgins. What a fascinating journey your ox has taken you on so far this year. Can't wait to see where you travel next.

  11. I'm telling you, a concrete choice for OLW is the way to go! Look how OX has carried you. You are "trained for draft work" like Oriel and Ark, and it's fun and fine and fit and fascinating.

  12. So great, how your friendship with Hamish continues to grow and deepen...thinking outside the ox indeed! :) :) :) xo

  13. Lovely! I've been to Ireland once, and I long to go back to both Ireland and Scotland. Ox Mountains seems perfect (though every mountain we saw could've been called the Sheep Mountains! Something about "New names
    for old ways
    in old Eire land " captures me!

  14. Higgins sure has the look of determination there with his two oxen. Whoda' thought you could find so many ways to represent this one word.


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