Thursday, March 4, 2021

In the spirit of Miss Dickinson

Good March, Friends.

When I saw Margaret's invitation for this week, March spirit-wind, I was a little stumped. Yes, I could easily write about the Holy Spirit. Lent is a time for me to think about spiritual matters in preparation for Easter.

Then, this bit of poem came across one of my social media platforms. I wish I could remember which one and when. I snagged it to share with my students thinking it was the whole poem. And, when I returned to the internet hours later to search for it found the entire poem.

I couldn't resist. I had to write back to Miss Dickinson. I've been getting to know her slowly as a poetry student. She is a wonderful teacher. 

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Hello Miss Dickinson, Hello! 

Thank you – thank you- 
It’s been too long-- 
a journey like no other- 
This old hat has been battered -
about by the wind- 
My breath comes and goes 
with this lingering cough- 
How are you--Dear Miss Dickinson? 
Have you noticed Nature? 
Oh, let’s go sit— 
and look upon it together. 

I received your response- 
and the woodsmoke 
after our holidays 
when The Maples ran -
with sap over crusted snow. 
But Miss Dickinson, forgive me— 
all that corn snow melted 
for your ink well— 
have you used it up already? 

Will anyone be joining us? 
Miss April always wants in on-
our news. But she can wait-
I long for cold greening hours-
in velvet dressing gowns. 
You can fix my hair --
as I read your newest poems. 

Maybe tomorrow the young ones next door 
will fly a kite and we can watch where it roams.

(c) Linda Mitchell

Wood, Grant. “March.” Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian American Art Museum - Renwick Gallery, 2021,

Thank you Margaret Simon for hosting Spiritual Thursday and participating in Slice of Life this month at her blog, Reflections on the Teche. Make sure you don't miss her newest!


  1. I am loving this poetic conversation. How you ask her to do your hair while you read her poems. Such a glowing friendship the two of you have.

  2. I, too, gave much thought to this theme on spirit wind...your Dickinson poem is the perfect "spring"board! I am marveling over so many of your lines. Corn snow melted, longing for the cold greening hours, the presence of woodsmoke (almost like incense), velvet dressing gowns, "you can fix my hair" - just like that, I was there in long ago. Utterly gorgeous, Linda.

  3. Linda, how clever to have a conversation with Dear Miss Dickinson. Your poem flowed beautifully as if you were sitting in a beautiful dressing parlor watching nature from inside a cozy spot. Like Fran, those images you offered were just right, especially the corn snow melted for your ink well and cold greening hours. "In the Spirit..." is a lovely way to address our topic.

  4. Dear Linda: What a lovely conversation... thank you! I am a bit under the weather this week, so haven't got my post done, but I am so enjoying yours. The hair most caught my attention, and the lingering cough. The wind was ferocious here also... I wish you calm refreshing breezes.

  5. Nice work! A charming visitor. "My breath comes and goes
    with this lingering cough- " ♥️

  6. "Have you noticed Nature?
    Oh, let’s go sit—
    and look upon it together."

    Who better than Miss Dickinson to sit with, read poems, and notice the weather? I love your response poem and the Grant Wood print.

  7. Oh my, Linda, I love your chat with Emily Dickinson! Your images and voice are so clear that I see both of you in your "velvet dressing gowns" having a spot of tea. I can smell "the wood smoke." I hear you telling Emily, "You can fix my hair--as I read your newest poems." I love all of your lines but I think this one is my favorite "The Maples ran-with sap over crusted snow." Beautiful post! I can't stop rereading your letter. You should publish this poem. Thank you for this joy.

    I love Emily Dickinson's poetry but I'm not sure if I read her "Dear March-Come In" which is lovely. Do you know what the (1320) after her title means? Love how the painting you chose works so well with the poems.

  8. I love it that March replied! So great, and March punctuates just like she does!


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