Thursday, May 20, 2021

Best Wishes Mary Lee!

Good Poetry Friday,

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Have you heard the news that our poet teacher friend, Mary Lee Hahn, is retiring from the classroom?  I am thrilled for her. 

What love she has poured into a career of teaching inside and outside her classroom. All those lessons and writing prompts and wonders and wows! All those gingerbread cookies with icing sessions! I count myself lucky to be a reader of her work. I have learned much from this wise online friend I met through poetry.

A Note to My Students
By Mary Lee Hahn 

Stop me if I start to preach.  
That’s not my job;  
I’m here to teach.  

And if I talk and talk and talk,  
remind me — gently – I should stop  

and listen more  
and let you speak,  
discover, wonder,  



Hey Ms. Hahn
No need to stop,
Ms. Hahn, teach on! 
I’m here to learn;
that’s my job. 

I write, and write and write,
because I love—new ideas --
and ways to share. 

and question thoughtfully
and converse with other poets
my discoveries, 
my wonders. 

Thank you, 
thank you, 
thank you. 

Your Poetry Friday Friend,
Linda M.

Can you believe it? Hamish caught up with two calves from Idaho named Caterpillar and Diesel. The boys are in school learning how to be big, strong oxen. See them on Hamish's padlet.

Law, Bridgett/Kit. “Training Baby Oxen.” Law Family Homestead, Law Family Homestead, 16 June


  1. These two poems work so well together! I like the staccato rhythm in Mary Lee's poem, and your call-back response to,
    "teach on." And then echoed again in your thank you's to her to,
    think. "

  2. Linda, what a beautiful lovely response poem to Mary Lee's note to her students, you being one of them. It is a delightful thank you to her!

  3. Oh wow, Linda. I have been time-scarce for so long that I've only just dipped into your padlet. (I'm so sorry! I didn't know what I was missing!!) I am in love with your 'Oxen Counsel to the Donner and Reed Families. 1846' So very well done! (Have now met Hamish. But didn't touch his horns.) Going back to potter some more...

    Your poem to Mary Lee is the perfect response to retirement. Teach on. In new ways. In lifelong classrooms. Always a teacher at heart.

  4. Thanks for sharing these poems, Linda, and for the photo of the calves. I love their names! And they are so cute, looks like training agrees with them.

  5. How wonderful to choose Mary Lee's poem & then respond to it for her and your 'tomorrows', Linda! It's terrific!

  6. Teach On! What a great thought for our dear Mary Lee who is retiring. I see that Hamish friends are not in the retiring phase but in the learning one. Your padlet is growing strong with Hamish's direction, Linda.

  7. Teaching instead of preaching! yes! I look forward to reading Hamish's latest adventures. xo

  8. Fabulous response poem -- and those baby oxen are adorable!!

  9. Teaching and learning, both the best of endeavors! I love the rhythm of both poems. What sweet little oxen.

  10. What a great idea, to talk back to Mary Lee's poem!! I love this!! (Also, the oxen are adorbs.)

  11. I love your response poem, Linda! You capture that student voice so well.

  12. Yes, we have been privileged to learn from Mary Lee as much as her students have!

  13. Your response to Mary Lee's poem is perfect. She is owed a million thank yous for all she has done to teach and inspire so many!

  14. Typical Mary Lee to write a humble poem. Like you, I want to listen, listen, listen and learn from her. Maybe in her retirement she'll host learning sessions for teachers like us, still in the struggle.

  15. Oh, I love the conversation you created here! Teach on, Ms. Hahn, teach on! Also? Caterpillar and Diesel are adorable. :)

  16. Thank you for the fabulous response poem! I was reminded this morning at the pond that I will NEVER stop teaching, be it fly fishing, poetry, or who knows what else! And I'm excited to continue to learn alongside YOU! You inspire me!

  17. Your response poem is a real 'conversation piece', Linda. And how adorable are the names Caterpillar and Diesel for baby ox? :)

  18. You speak for so many of us in your response poem, Linda! I know Mary Lee will continue to teach me through her poetry, as well.

  19. Wonderful tribute, Linda! And those calves are adorable.


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