Thursday, November 4, 2021


Happy Poetry Friday,

Hamish and I are on the road again. We are at our Virginia Association of School Librarians Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia.

I know, I know...two conferences within two weeks is a lot for this librarian lady. Thankfully, Hamish has carried my heavy bookbags and helped me deliver signs (I'm the signage committee chair) to our beloved librarians working tirelessly for Virginia's students and school staff.

Signs painted by:  Walker's Colonial American Sign LLC. “Colonial American Sign Company Homepage - Our Story.” Walker's Colonial American Sign LLC, Squarespace,

The Inkling challenge this month was from me:

For November, write a poem that includes the idea of                    percentage./percent. Percentages are all around us in recipes, prices, assessments, statistics. Include the idea of percentage in your poem in some way.


I’ve overthought this poem by 95%.

Comparatively, 95% of poets over-think.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

In my case, a thief stole my favorite pen.

My favorite pen drew houses with four windows.
Any open window forced a door to slam.

The front door slammed when I left.

I left without any goodbye words.

Goodbye words were impossible to find.

So, I rocked myself to sleep that night.

By myself, that night I thought nothing’s fair--
How could this be fair? No pen -- no words.

No words -- waiting to be found--

I’ve overthought this poem by 95% again.

(c) Linda Mitchell November '21

I invite you to write a poem of percent. I'd love to see it when you do. November nudges switching up recipes -- oven-roasting and soup stirring -- Thanksgiving pies! As you measure out ingredients by double or half think of how it could become part or all of a poem.

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  1. Linda, you nailed this duplex percentage poem! I feel your emotion (I think it's about more than the loss of a pen.)

  2. Look at you with a duplex! You promised yourself that you would not let that form best you and...YOU WIN!

    The way loss and words are woven throughout, and your brilliant use of the line "Comparison is the thief of joy." Wow.

  3. I don't know this duplex that Mary Lee and Margaret mention, but I do know you have written a poem that is clever and crafted - yet weighted with words and feelings.
    Also, I may have mentioned you on my blog this week.🐌

  4. "Comparison is the thief of joy" is one of my favorite sayings, but you turn it here into something new - the joy more elusive, the comparison an unsettled, constantly changing idea. Is it a pen that's truly at fault? Or has joy gone missing before now?

    I am going to have to look up that duplex form. This is neat.

  5. Linda, I love your creativity and the invitation. Maybe I can bring my literacy mind to connect with my husband's mathematical mind to create a poem dealing with percentages. At least I can try. Let me know if I can add your Sour Milk poem and the To Hamish poem in the gallery. (If you want to add others please let me know.) Happy Conferencing!

  6. Great duplex, Linda! I admire your persistence with this tricky form, and I love the truths you uncover in your poem. "Comparison is the thief of joy" is so true! Thank you for this challenge that was 100% fun!

  7. Thanks for the introduction to a new form -- what a thought provoking poem. "comparison" and "overthinking" resonate with all writers. Great job!

  8. I look and look and agree with your poem, and you, Linda. I'm impressed that with all this traveling and without your favorite pen, you wrote for all poets. Hope the conference was great-lots to discuss with all the book banning stuff going on.

  9. Linda, fun idea for a poem form. I've enjoyed reading the poems others have written. I gave it an attempt on Friday too. Your poem reminds me of a duplex. I love the mirroring of the previous line in each new stanza. Love the idea of "words waiting to be found."

  10. Linda, this is conversational, unsettling, circular, grievous, resigned. I also am inspired by your dedication to cracking the duplex--which pretty much requires overthinking, which you then have to hide. Lovely.

  11. Wow! I have some new forms to add to my poetry idea list - a duplex and a percentage poem. I am very doubtful my attempts will be sharable! Thanks for the inspiration - from an over-thinker - Carol @ The Apples in My Orchard.

  12. You did it! You duplexed it and also rocked the percentage portion of things. That overthinking by 95%--ugh! I can relate. I also love your inclusion of the T. Roosevelt quote--one of my favorites. What a great response to the prompt. Thanks again for pushing us out of our comfort zones.

  13. I, too, can relate to the "95% of poets (who) over-think", Linda. Fabulous duplex poem - wow! :)

  14. Such an intriguing form! And such mysterious images!


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