Thursday, December 23, 2021


Hello Poetry Friends,

Thank you, Buffy Silverman, for hosting our round-up on such a busy weekend for many around the world. You are a poetry hero!

I'm part of a group of bloggers that post once a month for Spiritual Thursday. This month's theme and writing prompt from Christine Margocs is beautiful: "waiting", with a side of "hope."  

I would typically tackle December's theme with gusto. But, words for a post have eluded me. This month has been busy and wonderful and full, held a few cranky moments, and, did I already say busy? I have wanted so much to just slow down. 

Now that I'm on winter break I have and I think the lullaby below finally addresses December's Spiritual Thursday theme...not so much with the actual words which are a retelling of the nativity. But, the idea of singing these words to a little one...a next generation to carry on a faith. 

Lullaby for Waiting

If I had a stable
I'd fill it with hay.

Then to my ox
what could I say?

Come to the stable
let's rest inside.

Wait now with me
for the holy child.

How will we know
when he's born?

Will there be angels
singing 'til morn?

Who are these shepherds
running fast? wanting in?

Where are these folks from--
looking for him?

My ox and I'll--
listen to angel
music in flight.

And welcome shepherds
in from the night.

Make room for the wise
following a star.

A star they've studied
long from afar.

We'll be in our stable
warm in the hay.

This ox and I,
we've learned to wait.

For miracles great
in places small.

Emanuel is born
hope for us all.

Linda Mitchell. All rights reserved

I found a discarded book in the local library sale that had perfect colors for a collage project I'm working on...and who did I find near the last page of credits but, Hamish! What a friend. I've got to stop being surprised at finding him. See for yourself over on his padlet.

PS. I've been inspired by Kat Apel's digital erasure poems. I'm not sure how she does this...but for those that want to give it a try, this is how I did it. I scanned a page of text. Then, inserted the jpg into a power point slide and used the tools to draw and add shapes. Then, I uploaded it to the padlet. 


  1. Such a grand collection of poems you and Hamish created this year, are they going to become a book of poetry… I love this one with the quilt sewing "dreams in to heirlooms"reminds me of water too. Lovely lullaby also, thanks Linda and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I love it that an ox showed up in your Christmas poem and in the discarded book. What a great companion Hamish has been all year! Your poem is beautiful. Learning to wait is hard, but once you've learned it, it serves you well.

  3. What a sweet, sweet lullaby!

    You and Hamish: what a sweet, sweet friendship!

  4. I can hear your delight as this poem found you waiting. Your Ox has served you well. What a wonderful erasure poem, too. You inspire me so much. I have featured your Christmas card on my post today, one of my favorites. Thanks for being a friend.

  5. Love your lullaby and the serendipity of Hamish's showing up to surprise you is adore-a-BULL! Thank you for the smile. Happy holidays to you and yours. :)

  6. Linda, your collage is so creative and so full of the Christmas spirit as is your song lullaby.
    "This ox and I,
    we've learned to wait."-a lesson I am still working on in between haste and letting. Many wishes for days of love and warmth within the tranquil setting of the manger scene I send to you. I still would love to spend one afternoon with you chit-chatting and collaging. Merry Christmas.

  7. Love the way your lullaby invites a new listener in. And I have to say, that card you made for Margaret is exquisite! Wishing you a slow-down and a joyful Christmas.

  8. I hope you get the rest you need, that so many teachers need, this holiday. There is a lovely hush in your poem, the hush of Christmas coming. Have a joyful holiday, Linda.


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