Thursday, December 9, 2021

Winter Poem Swap Warm Fuzzies

Hello Friends,

It's so nice to meet you in a place of poetry. Please visit Merely Day by Day for a round-up of this week's poetry offerings. Poetry Friday blog visits are like cookies without calories. Thank you, Cathy!

I am fortunate to have received a wonderful winter poem swap gift from Carmela Martino with not just one but two beautiful poems and a thoughtful gift.

Share this bounty with me!

Delightful winter poem swap gifts from Carmela

Year-End Reflection

As this year draws to a close,
I recall many moments of grace,
and let go of those laden with woes,
sitting alone in this quiet place.

I recall many moments of grace.
Giving thanks for my blessings, I sigh,
sitting alone in this quiet place,
a single candle flickering nearby.

Giving thanks for my blessings, I sigh.
I'm filled with warmth from deep within.
With a single candle flickering nearby,
I look ahead to the year about to begin.

I'm filled with warmth from deep within.
Letting go of moments laden with woes,
I look ahead to the year about to begin,
as this year draws to a close.

@Carmela A. Martino 2021

Isn't Year-End-Reflections beautiful? Carmela wrote that she thought she'd try a pantoum. That's a pretty brilliant try, I think.

Additionally, I received a glass jar with colorful paper in it to accompany this poem...

Good Things

A morning walk
beneath blue skies.
A cardinal calling
as it flies.

A smiling stranger
holds a door.
A new museum
to explore.

The patter of
much-needed rain.
A breath of air
that's sweet again.

A lovely dinner
with a friend.
A stunning sunset
at day's end.

The flavor of a 
favorite tea.
A comfy chair
and time to read.

Record these joys
on little cards
and save them in
your Good Things jar.

@2021 Carmela A. Martino

Guess what my first good thing is?

My new Good Things Jar. Thank you, Carmela!

There is a new poem on Hamish's padlet for advent.


  1. Linda, I love your Good things jar and what's inside. :) What beauty from Carmelo! Btw, I was visiting my mom this week, and we drove to an area called Ox Bottom, and I instantly thought of you and Hamish. xo

  2. Camela's poems are full of Christmas warmth. I hope you have much in the coming year to record in your new good things jar!

  3. What wonderful gifts! I'm adding the pantoum to my list of poetic forms to play with, and I love the idea of preserving wonderful moments and memories in a jar. Thanks for sharing these today!

  4. You are blessed with two wonderful poems & how special is that 'good things jar'. Carmela knows how to please! I love the rhythm of each one, unique for our time here at year's end. Have a lovely weekend, Linda, collecting more 'good things'!

  5. Wow, Linda, you've laid out my gifts so beautifully in the images. I'm very happy you're already enjoying the Good Things jar, and I love that the Swap is your first good thing. :-) I'll be sharing about your lovely gifts to me later this month.

  6. Both poems are so fabulous, especially the pantoum. I love it. And the good things jar is fun. The Swap is an especially good thing.

  7. What fun gifts! I'm thinking that the scraps you save in the "good things" jar will become poems!!

  8. I want to put this whole post in a "good things" jar. Thanks for sharing your bounty. :)

  9. What a perfect reminder to reflect on all the JOYS the world offers. Thank you for sharing!

  10. That is quite an elegant pantoum indeed. A jar for joys is always the perfect gift! I wish you and Hamish a lovely Advent.

  11. Linda, I have been reading through some more of Hamish's poems and I am so impressed with what you have done. As I opened my mother's nativity set from the 1940s, I saw the oxen and never really thought much of it other than being one of the animals in the creche scene. Now I shall always think of Hamish when I decorate at the holidays. Carmela's poems are so lovely and what a thoughtful gift.

  12. May you have many things to place in your "good things" jar! What a great gift!


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