Thursday, December 16, 2021

This Photograph Wants to be a Poem

Hello Poetry Friends,

I'm at the kitchen table watching my college kids play cribbage and talk about classes and grades and future plans. I am a happy mama. 

This week's writing prompt from This Photo Wants to be a Poem is adorable! 

I drafted a quick poem in response this morning.

And, then...THEN I thought, I'd google "Ox" and "Dance." Who did I discover posing over at a coffee company but Hamish -- in coat and tails no less! 

Wingenroth, Lauren. “These Retired Ballroom Dancers Started a Dance-Themed Coffee Company.” Dance Magazine, Dancemedia, 9 Dec. 2021,

We both had a good laugh. I printed out the article about how a pair of professional dancers started a dance-themed coffee company to see if I could find any poetry in it. Of course, I did! It's a fun little tanka the ballerinas above would approve of to be found over on Hamish's padlet. 

Before you go, make sure to check out this article featuring our Janet Wong at Children's Poetry Summit. It's fantastic!

Published by Poetry Summit View all posts by Poetry Summit, et al. “Janet Wong: The Children's Poetry Scene in America: A RECAP OF #NCTE21.” Children's Poetry Summit, Word Press, 16 Dec. 2021,

Thank you, Jone, for hosting this week's poetry round-up! While you're visiting, be sure to sign up for the New Year's postcard exchange. It's lots of fun!


  1. Filling up with poetry is what you do, Linda. I like how you included us readers in that ending, "twirl on in" & to find the 'Dancing Ox" feels perfect for your end-of-year gift. Enjoy those kids & Merry, Merry Christmas!

  2. Your poem absolutely captures "art imitating life so exact", Linda. And Hamish cleans up nice and has the dancing 'moooooves'. ;)
    Enjoy your kids being home...we bought tickets for my girls to come to CH, but not sure it will be possible with the latest surge. We'll know in a few days. UGH.

  3. Hamish is so suave and debonair!! Hope he'll be around next year . . . and I love your ballerina poem. So many lovely lines. :) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  4. Wow, Linda! What a beautiful poem, so perfect for the photograph! I especially love that first stanza. Just gorgeous. Also, thank you for the article featuring Janet. I'm heading over to read it right now! Happy Holidays!

  5. Linda, Hamish is ready for the ball. The image you found is delightful. I can see Hamish strutting around the dance floor in elegant attire. The photo that turns into a poem about life imitating art-just look at the beautiful pose from young ballerinas. I am looking forward to reading the article on Janet, such an outstanding poet/publisher.

  6. I love that you included "this photo wants to be" in your response to the challenge--and all those giggling, glittery, bedazzled words. Bravo to you!

  7. I love what you did with the prompt in your poem. It takes us right into the photograph with specific and vivid imagery. I'm so impressed with how you have kept up your Ox poems.

  8. I love your take on the real-life Degas! And Hamish in a top hat and tails...whoda thunk?

  9. Such a classy Ox you have! Love what you did with "This Photograph" poem, and Degas is in there too, and space left in between, marvelous, thanks Linda!


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