Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wordy 30

Oooooooh, Poets

I had a day off school yesterday and went to lunch with a couple of library friends and then on to the biggest discount bookstore I've ever seen. I didn't spend too much money. But, I had fun browsing for a couple of hours--agog at how many books were collected, displayed, and on sale for deep discounts. 

When I got home, two books I asked my local public library to purchase were on hold for me. Thank you, Jama, for recommending Susan Branch's Distilled Genius (Spring Stree Publications. 2022)...and whoever recommended No Voice Too Small. Fourteen Young Americans Making History (Charlesbridge. 2020). I'm just loving both of these. The first is an artist's date...the second as a mentor text.

Mary Lee's challenge to the Inklings this month is to write a Wordy-30.

See how the other Inklings tackled the Wordy 30:

Mary Lee

Star's padlet is sporting a new poem along a nautical theme.

Thank you, Sarah Grace Tuttle, for hosting our round-up today. 


  1. Linda, I enjoyed your Wordy 30 poem. It brought back a memory for the family. I loved the adorable photo also. I hope the books you bought were ones that you can tell us about. I always love to hear what bargains people purchase. Happy Weekend!

  2. I am looking forward to playing with Wordy 30. You captured a moment wonderfully.

  3. Linda, I love your poem! The action words you chose convey an entire scene, and with the word "prize" I can so clearly feel the emotion of it all. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Linda, what a busy girl you have been--glad you got that day to wallow in bookishness! That sweet girl with her pole and expression of puzzled crossness is perfect with your 6 words, rhyming and all!

  5. This is such a fun poem, Linda! Those verbs really bring your poem to life. Your day off sounds wonderful! So glad you had some time for yourself.

  6. What a fun poem Linda, and you make it look so easy, we slide right through your moving rhythm–love the pic too! Sounds like you had a joy-filled day, hope you get another one not to far off, thanks!

  7. I just love this poem and its perfect photographic accompaniment! You made this form look effortless! I also love that you had some fun time with friends and books. Yay for long weekends!


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