Thursday, May 4, 2023

When We Butterfly

 Hello Poets and Happy May!

It's my turn to challenge the Inklings (and you) with a poem prompt.

O'Halloran, Thomas J, photographer. Left-Handed Writing Close-Up. June 8. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

I decided to find a piece of art with words in it--and in the process of looking for art, stumbled across this adorable photo featured on the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art website. Isn't this butterfly a cutie?

I found myself drafting...

Linda Mitchell. Draft 5/5/23

Thank you, Linda Baie, for hosting Poetry Friday. My responses to all our friends will be a bit delayed this week as I am butterflying at my daughter's university seeing her showered with honors and graduating. 

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I have a quick announcement before you go...

Last Friday, Poetry Pandemonium finished at my school. Figurative language in poems by two of our Poetry Friday friends competed for the title of champion. Rhyme from Janice Scully's 'A Perfect Place v. Hyperbole from 'Together' by Irene Latham.

And the winner of Poetry Pandemonium 2023 is...

'Together' by Irene Latham.

Hyperbole wins again! If I remember correctly, hyperbole has won every Poetry Pandemonium since it started. Makes me think that writing for kids needs a whopping spoonful in any collection.

There is a new poem on the padlet today...A Butterfly for Emily Dickinson.

Thank you, Linda Baie for hosting this week! See her at Teacher Dance.


  1. I came looking for Spiritual Thursday and found this treat. I love the butterfly poem! Where have you been hiding it? Inside a green chrysalis to eclose just in time for Poetry Friday!? "When we butterfly" is anaphora I will steal or borrow or model with my kiddos if they ever return from the dregs of testing.

    1. Ugh! My school was in testing mode from 8:30-1:15 today...yuck! I'm glad you like butterfly. The padlet poem is a butterfly poem too.

  2. I love the idea of "butterflying through dreams all night", Linda, and what a marvelous picture! Janice's and Irene's poems are both lovely. What a fun thing is your Poetry Pandemonium.

  3. Let's "butterfly" what an enchanting idea, especially in dreams… Love it, and your "A Butterfly" at your padlet too, "words grew wings and he flew away… And what a difficult pick, I like both Irene and Janice's poem, thanks for sharing them Linda, and Happy Graduating to your daughter! 🥳

  4. Your poem makes me want to butterfly today! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, my heart! I love butterflying as a verb! Margaret just turned factotum into a verb on my post, so verbs for the WIN today! Thank you for a fabulous challenge!

  6. Butterfly as a verb is wondrous!! I love the conclusion you've drawn about readers being drawn to hyperbole. Please tell your students I am honored and delighted and I wish them many together moments, whether in person, by screen, or with a beloved pet. Janice's poem is a "perfect place" to linger, too. Off to your padlet! xo

  7. Yes, a sweet picture and a lovely verb, to butterfly, which surprised me. Thank you for honoring my poem and have it appear along with Irene's work is a double honor.

  8. I am a little distracted writng this comment as I accidentally looked down and saw on your blog you have a popular post listed called Riffing on Aileen Fisher. Now, I cant think of anything else other than Aileen Fisher. (My friend ADHD) My 23 year old daughter writes poetry now in no small part to the influence of Aileen Fisher and Shel Silverstein. And I guess one of the reasons I write poetry is because of my daughters love of poetry. So it doesn't look like I'm actually going to comment on your amazing When We Butterfly Poem. Which is a shame because it was all that, a bag of chips and something to wash it down with. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go read your Aileen Fisher post (which I've probably all read as I often google Aileen Fisher Blogs)

  9. Linda, I want to hide in a cocoon safe and warm and butterfly around when ready. Love that you wrote butterfly poems that are so lovely. I am wondering if your When We Butterfly is based on your graduating daughter. I hope she reads these poems of yours. Janice vs Irene - what a choice! I am so glad that your students had two amazing poems to ponder on the win. Word is sharing some wonderful poems as well! Have a wonderful weekend with the family and the young graduate.

  10. Must chime in with the others who love butterflying as a verb! Charming poem; I can see why you were inspired by that adorable photo too. :) Congrats on your daughter's graduation!

  11. Love the butterfly and spreading out arms/wings. Seems appropriate for one whose daughter is graduating. I will thinking out my OLW:Curious.

  12. I love butterflying as a verb! And thanks for Janice's and Irene's poems--both wonderful!

  13. Linda, wonderful post. Enjoy your butterflying with your daughter this weekend, and congrats to her. I really love the idea of "butterflying" and my favorite today is "through dreams / all night" is beautiful.

  14. Linda, thanks for sharing your butterfly poem! It's a beautiful sentiment... and I agree with others. Hooray for a new verb, artfully rendered! :)

  15. Using butterflying as a verb, as a *practice,* is brilliant and life-changing! And your insights on hyperbole are very useful...following my shy retiring nuancing, I shally dive into hyperboling next!

  16. Love butterfly as a verb! I'm inspired to write a prayer: "Create in me, the butterfly, that I may open my arms to beauty..." And, on a separate note, thank you for the tidbit about hyperbole! Such a good consideration for us kidlit poets!

  17. So much to love here, Linda! My favorite line: "We wear all the colors"

  18. I love that you use "butterfly" as a verb--my favorite thing is to use words in unexpected parts of speech. Hooray for Poetry Pandemonium. What fun!

  19. Congratulations to your daughter! And to you and your husband! Like so many others, I love that you used "butterfly" as a verb and that we can butterfly all night in our dreams!

  20. "When we butterfly ..." Oooh, I want to take that thought and run with it, and I love what you did with it, Linda.


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