Thursday, June 15, 2023

It's Coming...Clunker Exchange

Hello Poets,

Thank you, Michelle, for hosting our roundup today. I so enjoy visits to your blog.

Got clunkers? Do you have poems with words or lines that need revision...those words or lines that sound like a poem breaking down -- that clunking sound?

If yes, you're in luck-ers!

I've been hosting a clunker exchange for a few years now. It's super fun and very low-pressure writing. 

Here's how to participate:

  • Select any word/line or stanza from next week's clunker list
    (I will publish it next week when I host PF)
  • Next week, give me any word/line/stanza from your files in the comments.
  • Sign your clunker. I'm still on Blogger and it often records comments as anonymous 
  • I will work with your word/line over the summer
  • You can do whatever you wish with mine -- revise, use it as a prompt, print it out, burn it--ha!
  • I'll share my reworking of your clunker in the future.
    I'll give credit to the author of the clunker, of course!

There's a new poem, 'Sunflower's First Word,' on the WORD padlet...poems are piling up.


  1. Love the picture you found to illustrate your clunker poem. I'll be checking my files for clunkers. I'm sure there will be many to choose from.

  2. "ruby jewels trying to steal the show"-yummy tomatoes said "Move over, sunflower goldies." I can hear the conversation on Market Day. It's going to be a dazzling clunker day next week. Mine are stuck in the mud so I will have to go rescue a few and send them your way, Linda. Enjoy the start of the vacation!

  3. 💗 your 🌻 poem Linda, tell that 🍅 to watch out… And great pics for your clunker call, looks like an entire story there in that old 🚚, thanks!

  4. Awesome, Linda, & a poem clunker invite, too! I will be sure to look for it & look for some of my own! Happy weekend!

  5. Poetry Friday would definitely be less fun without you, Linda - thanks for all you do to spice and sparkle it up. Will see what I can find! Happy Summer! Meow.

  6. A clunker exchange--what a fun idea! And I love your poem--I can feel sunflower's envy when ruby jewels try to steal the show :-)

  7. fun! Looking forward to a clunker exchange! -- And I loved Sunflower's First Word and When Frog Learned to Read! Thank you for supplying my Saturday morning with smiles!

  8. A clunker exchange -- what a clever idea, Linda! I look forward to seeing your list next week.

  9. Your Clunker Exchange is such a fun idea, Linda! Can't wait to see your list.

  10. Clunker-ific, Linda! Looking forward to the exchange fun. :)

  11. I always love your clunker exchange, Linda! I'm so looking forward to it!

  12. I will look for a clunker. This sounds like a great summer project.


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