Thursday, June 22, 2023

Poetry Friday is HERE and Clunker Exchange

Hello, Hello,

I'm glad you're here. 

I'm hosting our round-up through the weekend with a clunker exchange.

A clunker exchange (guidelines) is a low-stress and fun way to get writing. Take any of my old clunky words, lines, or stanzas listed below in exchange for one of yours. Use the clunker in any way you wish to create something new! 

Linda Mitchell. Taken at the British War Museum

Ideas for how to use a clunker:

  • prompt that reminds you of something else
  • golden shovel
  • invitation to re-write
  • rhymes with?
  • finish this thought

Irene Latham is hosting Poetry Friday next week. Remember she's asked for original or favorite poems about a June moon to celebrate her new book, The Museum on the Moon

I will be out of pocket next week, so I am posting an original moon poem on Word's padlet today.

Leave a link to your Poetry Friday post in the comments. I'll organize and share out in the "old-fashioned" way by editing this post with links to all the poets. 

Don't worry about a comment for your PF link and another for a's all good. But do remember to sign your comment so that blogger doesn't make you anonymous.


  • Catch a falling/Word hold/Onto it. 

  • Creak/Floorboard/Someone there?/Climbing the stair?/Shriek!

  • sun/rising/horizon/turning, birthing/day

  • Begin with the question/ what makes a woman strong?/Strength of a woman/has more to do more with will than muscle/she needs a will to find her way/in the ‘old boys club’/of the world.

  • I just need to sit with a poem 

  • but I'm left holding cuttings I'm not sure where to plant.

  • reaching for the sun, I break free

  • two words

          falling from your

          lips as if they could wash

          away the injury

  • not fighting the old
    dark and icy winter winds

furrow mountain’s brow

  • rain day’s magic words

  • Even one of my best friends, Merriam-Webster, is pretty terse on the subject

  • We need double the poems

  • she left a gap in our poem

  • Where that painting stopped me/still—and I could not move

  • I am no longer winsome to the Sun.

  • Enjoy the early morning when one or two are up before the others

  • Bacon is in the pan

  • I am full of possibilities all caffeine and heat from the cabin’s stove

  • Today’s goal is to fill and empty, fill and empty with cabin warmth and laughter

  • Memory making

  • Woodsmoke

  • Leisurely cigarettes without conversation

  • Minute sips of time together

Poetry Friday participants are worth reading!

Patricia J. Franz at Reading, Writing, Wondering
Linda Anderson at newtreemom


  1. You gave us some fun clunkers! I am wondering about poem-gaps and about subjects that M-W is silent on. Here's a clunker from me: I even brought a pie chart
    My post is here:
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Linda. I'll be back this weekend to read as we're moving a daughter tonight. But I'm at

  3. .

  4. Linda, I have waited for your clunkers and want to chip away at some of yours. Rain day’s magic words caught my eye since that is exactly what we have seen over the past few days. I wrote about the Summer Solstice in my Poetry Friday blog post at Thank you for hosting today. (I thought I sent you my clunker lines but now cannot find the message. Did you receive it?)

  5. Thanks for hosting, Linda! I hope to be back with a clunker (oh, there are so many :)), but in the meantime, here's my link.

  6. Hi Linda, Thanks for hosting. Here's my link: And here's my clunker: How can we provide protection to the giants that soak in CO2?

  7. Thanks for hosting, Linda! You do have a couple of clunkers I might be able to use, so I'll have to let you know what comes of them! ;)

    1. Today I'm re-sharing a poem I wrote for my father:

  8. Ah what a wonderfully fun collection of clunkers Linda, I'm going to return to retrieve one. Here's one that's been sitting waiting for me, Lose yourself in luscious color. Thanks for hosting this week! And here's my post called, Solstice Caterpillar… & Yeava Skalietska:

  9. Fun post, Linda. You've collected quite a few clunkers which have already sparked a few ideas. Here's one from me: "SLURRP! Grover settled into a delectable feast."
    And here's my link where I talk about the Summer Poem Swap and how your beautiful gift inspired this week's post:

  10. I'll open a new doc for those clunkers, Linda. Love this tradition! Here's my post, celebrating my first wonderful swap: and my clunker: "All these things I carefully swirled," Thanks for hosting! -- Linda B.

  11. Thanks for hosting, Linda! You've provided some 'clunker-rific' lines! I'll be back with an clunker line for you... :)
    My Camera Roll 23 post is (phonetically punnily) titled More Than 'A Little Old Lady Who...' and is about the sights and sounds of the Yodel fest with took place in our town last weekend:

    1. A (violent?) clunker from a Christmas poem story:
      Pew! Pew! Pew! Elf on the shelf pelted Ginger with gum drops.

  12. Yay for clunkers! I don't have a clunker line at the moment, but hope to contribute one later. I'm also excited to play around with some of yours--this is always one of my favorite posts of the year! Here's my link:

  13. I love your clunkers, Linda! I'm thinking about that poor poem with its gap...thank you! I've got Auburn, ALA, and "Remember That Late Afternoon." xo

  14. I am going to definitely use one of your clunkers to write a poem. Here's my clunker: "water the winter."

    I'm talking about parks and books at my post today:

  15. The first clunker was all I needed to get a Poetry Friday post done. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Here's a clunker from me: "You don't cry anymore, but you sing all the words."

  16. Very fun! Looking forward to getting lost in clunkers this weekend. Here's my post about Poetry Friendship:

  17. What fun, Linda! This week I'm sharing an acrostic about summer reading:

  18. I adore that playground of Earth's rotation. Also, fun fact: one of the other poems Shruthi adapted lines from originated with one of your previous clunker challenges! I'm looking forward to clunking again.

  19. PS The link for Linda Baie isn't working. It's , but there's a lot of extra stuff in your url :>D

  20. So I'm late, as usual. Here is the link for the Y installment of Hope is...
    I will be back later to leave a clunker. Thank you for hosting this week, Linda!

  21. Coming around a little late. Thanks, Linda, for the idea and exchange.
    Diane Anderson:

  22. Tardy on Saturday with a book I've been intending to share!

  23. The clunker exchange is a funny idea. I love it. (And here I thought Merriam-Webster was MY bff. I guess it gets around...) I didn't write this week, but am fixing to go read your moon poem now.

  24. For the clunker exchange I will take "I just need to sit with a poem" and I will give you "the moon is beautiful isn't it" which I found through autofill on a search engine but couldn't use.

  25. I love the idea of a Clunker Exchange, Linda. I look forward to pondering your clunkers sometime soon. I'll have to find something in my files for you.


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