Saturday, February 3, 2024

Love is...

I really didn't think I'd post this month for SJT. Life has kept me busy with a lot of details and less time than necessary to complete any of them.

One of those details was actually a myriad of smaller details. My school obtained a $5,000 grant for STEAM maker stations. My library partner and I seized the chance to create stations that featured high-quality nonfiction reading.

First, we asked teachers of science and math what concepts needed review and/or enrichment. Then, we planned out six stations that involved student creativity and thinking about those topics.

It's been busy, busy, busy rolling stations out to students this week as the kids love them! My partner and I have learned at least as much as our students in what to do and not to do and what supervision is needed where at what crucial moments. 

I find that this station work teaches so much more than STEAM. We are explicitly teaching behavior norms, language norms, and thinking norms. I've been coming home pretty pooped each day. But, on balance, I think more good learning has occurred than not. 

Yesterday, I sat with students at the 'Moonsand Mitosis' station. After we scooped moon sand on our trays and I showed them how to form a model of a stage of mitosis we just played and talked.

I found that students were longing to talk to an adult about life. My Tite 1 school is populated mainly by global majority of immigrants and children of immigrants. Time speaking about various topics has value.

I enjoyed listening to a group of students compare schools in another country to what they were experiencing here. Even though I heard some stories of tremendous challenges, I remembered what a friend and social worker taught me to ask, 'What do you miss?'

Kids from even the toughest, roughest places could remember the good things that they miss from home. This is love...remembering, speaking it, sharing it with someone new.

Love can be big. And, love can be small. Either way, it reaches all around the world.

Sending you love too! Linda M.


  1. Linda, I love how you tailored your stations to fit the needs of your students after checking with teachers to see which concepts needed reinforcement. Giving students time to talk and providing a listening ear is invaluable. Love is listening to others. Bob

  2. I love how in the midst of busy, busy, busy you still found time to reflect. How lucky these students were for an adult to make time to play and talk!
    And my favorite line? "This is love...remembering, speaking it, sharing it with someone new."

  3. So good, Linda! Thank you for taking the time to talk to those kids. What a difference that can make! Ruth,

  4. Linda, I am so happy that I checked in at Patricia;s blog to find more Love posts for SJT. I am excited that you created stations for your students. I brought Debbie Diller into my school at the advise of teachers who attended a conference with me. Her concept of literacy work stations is exceptional. Children respond so well to this new way of looking at learning. There is wonder, challenges, and creativity. It is great to hear that you are also a believer in stations. Your ending is one that holds meaning: Love can be big. And, love can be small. Either way, it reaches all around the world. Enjoy the station work with your students. Love is in the air!


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