Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Slice of Life 3/7/17

One of my happy places is poetry. I enjoy reading, writing and learning about poetry. For me, poetry is a kind of sudoku.

On Sunday I went to a wonderful Poetry & Research workshop led by Jeanne Marie Beaumont at the Bethesda Writing Center. It was only two hours but the group of us read poetry and talked about the research behind the poems. We asked important questions....

When does one know they have researched enough and can begin writing?
What about form?
What about citing sources? 

We did this through reading incredible poems from poets

Suzanne Cleary, author of Beauty Mark, BKMK Press 2013
Nicole Cooley, The Afflicted Girls, LSU Press, 2004
Kathleen Flenniken, The Plume, WU Press, 2012
Janice N. Harrington, Primitive, BOA Editions, 2016
Teresa Carson, The Congress of Oddities, Deerbrook Editions 2015

And with the workshop facilitator herself.....Jeanne Marie. Her new book Letters from Limbo explore immigration, deep dark family secrets and the hidden world of early twentieth-century asylum life......absolutely heartbreaking and intriguing. 

These poets are new to me....but not new to my happy place. This Slice of Life will carry me in my happy place for much longer than the hours of the workshop.

I wish you poetry today.

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