Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Slice of Life:Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day is an important celebration in my family. We hold a feast for children brought to us by adoption. Because our children were born in China, we order Chinese food...and swap memories of meeting on the day we gotcha!

This year is the first that our eldest will be at college for Gotcha Day. We celebrated early. It was festive and fun and all the warm fuzzies that we embrace from our tradition.

When it came time for fortune cookies, the paper that fell out of mine, stopped me. 

You have to know, this child came into my arms in the throes of a tantrum. The two of us stormed with and against each other all through the growing up to age eighteen. Now, college life and a little space for understanding, things are better between us.

How did the person writing that fortune that ended up in my cookie on the day we celebrated this child know? 

I wish you extraordinary fortune cookie wisdom today.

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  1. I love learning this tidbit about your life. That fortune was perfect! Gotcha Day is a sweet tradition. I need that fortune cookie wisdom today. Thanks.


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