Thursday, February 6, 2020

First Friday Terza Rima Challenge

Hello Friday, Hello Poetry!

Writing the World for Kids hosts our round-up today. Do pop in and see all the fun offerings Laura has collected.

We SWAGGERS responded to a challenge to write a Terza Rima.
Oh, my.

                                                                                                     I started out...


Ugh! iambic pentameter?
A desperate plea for help...

I'm no good at this.

Dear Linda,
Go rogue!
Your friend, Molly

                                                                                    ps: Heidi tutors
                                                                                    pps: Margaret made hers work with MagNOliAS
                                                                                    ppps: I think Catherine might go rogue, too!

Go Rogue, Linda!

I want to write the perfect  terza rima
It’s tough corralling words that move around
I can’t heard them into just one stanza

I  need a dog to chase the good lines down
to bark my drafts within a shearing pen
So I can gather wool to knit some nouns

Knit red, purl blue rhymes every now and then
Needles one and two click upon my lap
A purple poem grows, and I shout AMEN!

Then quickly run back to my dear free verse--
lest this dire terza rima get worse
But then I overhear, duh-DUH-duh-DUH

(c) Linda Mitchell -- who really wishes she had a pen name today

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  1. "So I can gather wool to knit some nouns" Love this, Linda! Practicing poems outside of our comfort range really helps us expand our poetry tool kit. Brava!

  2. I think I may need to research terza rima, but your poem is wonderful to me, Linda! I, too, love that "gather wool to knit some nouns"! (Love the pictured intro, too!)

  3. Such a fun post. I think you did a swell job with your terza rima. :) Great metaphors.

  4. You did a great job with this challenge. Your metaphor are fresh and fun! I don't think I've tried a terza rima, maybe someday...

  5. The terza rima is new to me--it looks like a challege-and one you had fun with (at least on the reading side) despite the challenge. I love that knitting nouns.

  6. But did you give up? No, you did not. You get an A. :)

  7. Oh my... That sounds just like me with sonnets! Ex-act-ly like me! And they are still so painful to write... and yet I have four-or-more of them! (Wink-wink.) But I too went rogue on my first completed sonnet; a sonnet to 'the evil vile thing'... the sonnet!😂 Loving the knitting theme to this one. And the humour. So YOU! Looking forward to seeing your next… and next… and next one! xx

  8. I love your humor-filled introduction, Linda. It made me laugh. You're such a good sport! Like so many others, I'm a big fan of your knitting metaphors. Congratulations on your first terza rima!

  9. Your introduction is priceless, Linda! You did a fine job venturing outside your comfort zone. "So I can gather wool to knit some nouns" is one of my favorite lines ever.

  10. I love all your illustrations of the growing frustration. Oh my, was that an iambic rhyme?

  11. LOL! What a fun terza rima. I also had to laugh about your wish for a pen name. I had one when I was in high school, which should have been for that reason but wasn't! :-)

  12. Alternating between a happy dance and LOL-ing. Oh my! You ladies sure gave yourselves a challenge. I love this one! -- Christie @

  13. Wow--you all set quite a challenge for yourselves. And you've knitted a beauty (no purple prose allowed.) Lots of fun!

  14. Linda, what a great sense of humor you have. You did a great job at keeping to the form in a whimsical manner.

  15. Glad you went rogue, Linda - and with a sly sense of humor, too!

  16. Definitely an A! Thanks for the smiles and the rhymes and the wherewithall to go with it! Love it!


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