Thursday, February 13, 2020

Re-cycled Book Page Valentines

Happy Valentines Day

If ever there was a day for poery, this is it! 

Our dear Linda Baie is hosting today's round-up. She's requested some sugary love. Skip the calories and read to your sweet-tooth's content at Teacher Dance .

I'm crazy for collaging. I can pinpoint the moment I knew I wanted to start. It was after reading Euka Holm's book about Fannie Lou Hamer and then seeing Ms. Holmes present at a Virginia Association of School Librarian's Conference. My fingers just wanted to get into some paper and glue.

I've been collaging for a couple of years and I've learned lots. One of the things I've learned is that my creations aren't quite the way I want them to look...YET. So, I keep trying techniques, poking around pinterest and youtube and having fun.

How to Make a Valentine

Find some paper
and some glue
grab some magic markers too.
Fold the paper
Cut points and curves
Don't let the scissor
wreck your nerves.
Paste little hearts
atop bigger ones.
Write a name
You're nearly done
Spell L-O-V-E
deliver clandestinely.
Aren't you fine?
You've just made
a valentine.

(c) Linda Mitchell -- thanks to Laura Shovan's 8th annual February Poetry Project 

Valentine notes made from weeded library books by Linda

A cherita to go along with recycled book love notes.

Once upon a time

With strong spines, fresh leaves
stories flowered, petals bloomed

Open, close, open, close
sun, moon, wind, laughter
weed pile, shears, new life...Valentine

(c) Linda Mitchell


  1. Oh, how lovely this post is. I adore crafting and projects. Your collages are always wonderful so creating paper collage valentines is so special Linda. I just love what you did. recycle with love => sweet valentines & poetry love

  2. I loved your 'how-to' poem when you shared before, Linda. And this cherita, love it too for that one phrase, "new life", & that to me is collage. I had the pleasure of reviewing a new book sometime recently. It's wonderful, titled "Playing With Collage" by Jeannie Baker.

  3. Fun Valentine poem Linda, I like the clandestine part at the end–makes it a bit mysterious… And what a wonderful, colorful collection of Valentines cards your've created–Lovely! BTW have you tried collaging with acrylic gel medium it's clear a bit shiny and works very well, you could also use matte if you don't want it shiny.

  4. I can't believe you haven't been collaging all your life. You have mad collage skills! I was just lamenting the commercial cards given by most kids these days, so I really appreciated your "How to Make a Valentine." I also love your cherita--especially the second stanza. Such a great post!

  5. "new life... Valentine" I love your collage work. It inspires me. Have you ever done it with kids? I bet they would love it.

  6. Your how-to poem needs to be shared with students. I know it would encourage them to write their own how-to poem. Collaging sounds like fun, and you are very good at it too! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. How fun to see your mad collage skillz! Great idea to recycle book pages. Enjoyed both poems too -- "new life . . . Valentine" is perfect, a new way to love a book :).

  8. Woohoo for the craftiness combined with poetry! Love it! My years in classroom and library have led me to a love of crafting also. And when working with preschoolers, I soon give up perfection... do crafts for fun! That said, your Valentine's look wonderful! Who wouldn't love one? Thanks so much!

  9. I L-O-V-E your cheery, encouraging instructions! Your recycled book page notes are sweet & clever. Looks like fun!

  10. SO hard to make things look the way you envision! You're doing a great job.
    I don't know about "scissor" as a singular word, but I especially like "don't let the scissor wreck your nerves." :-)

  11. I really enjoyed How to Make a Valentine. I shared it with my daughter she laughed and said she liked it too. Thank you for sharing!

  12. LOVE these, Linda.šŸ˜ #didyouseewhatididtherešŸ˜˜ You're #1 in my book, when it comes to recycled art! (PS My fave is the kitty-cat, that almost hung the moon...)

  13. I enjoyed your how to poem and am impressed as all get out by the valentines in your photo. What a brilliant use of all those old library books!

  14. I love both of your poems - just wrote cherita in my notebook page of poetry forms. And what fun recycled love notes!

  15. How fun that you can pinpoint the moment your collage-love began! I'm playing around with Tombow brush pen watercolor, but have no origin story!

  16. How wonderful that you're repurposing those weeded library books! I also love that your collage and poetry live and breathe together, hand-in-hand.


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