Thursday, February 27, 2020

SAT Prep

Photo Credit: Thistle by Brenda Lowry

Good Poetry Friday,

It's so nice to welcome the last Friday of this month. What busy-ness we've been up to in these power packed weeks. 

I'm celebrating a continuation of a Thursday morning writing practice that started with Laura Purdie Salas'. 15 Words or Less. Weekly, Laura would post a photo and ask readers to draft a poem of 15 words or less to share in the comment section. 

Throughout the day more and more poets would jot poems and commenters could respond with positive critique. Great community and poem building fun was had by all.

Alas, Laura has become so busy with authorship that she lovingly ended 15 Words or Less on her blog. 

However, Margaret Simon has brought this favorite wake-up writing of mine back with, This Photo Wants to be a Poem, Thursday mornings on her blog, Reflections on the Teche. Hooray!

I sure was happy to play with Thistle by Brenda Lowry.

SAT Test Prep

If thistle is to
sea anemone

as bee is to
clown fish

What can
anyone learn
from this?

(c) Linda Mitchell

Before I pop over to Karen Edminsten's blog who's hosting Poetry Friday this week (thank you, Karen!) I want to put a bug in your ear about David L. Harrison's new book, Dark at Night: Poems of Nocturnal Animals (Word Song 2020). I reviewed it here yesterday, and Word Song is generously offering a book to a randomly selected commenter on my review post.  It's a wonderful picture book poem collection. Take a peek and put your name in the hat! 


  1. Thanks for the plug for "This Photo". I am hoping for new writers each week. I love your little SAT prep poem,. Such a fun tongue-in-cheek response to the image!

  2. Are SAT tests standardised tests? (Oh, we can learn a lot from them!!🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤪) Your sharp little poem is a great response to the stimulus pic!

  3. How clever you are, LInda. I think your quick little poem is delightful. I have to check out your blog tour post next.

  4. I saw your title and the photo and wondered how is she going to pull this together--brilliantly it turns out! I love it.

  5. Brilliant, Linda! (I confess, you had me worried when I saw the title of your blog post.)

  6. I need to try this 15 word thing. Great idea. Thanks for sharing, and your poem... the word "thistle" itself is a word to be celebrated.

  7. I may try Margaret's '15 words', used to do it with Laura, but my bookstore time is Thursdays, so often do not have the time. Your 'thistle" question might be good for everyone to consider, Linda!

  8. That thistle does look like it has a gaping maw, doesn't it? Cool analogy, Linda!

  9. Good puzzler poem Linda. Hope to make it over to Margaret's new "This Photo wants to be a Poem"I was there last week but missed yesterday… Thanks!

  10. Such a good test question. :-)

  11. Your analogy poem is spot on, Linda. I am not looking forward to March testing. Ick.

  12. Oh, yes! The question we have all asked of so many things required of us in school: "What can anyone learn from this?" :)

  13. Ah that question at the end of your poem should be the question that ends tests like the SAT.


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