Thursday, February 6, 2020

Spiritual Thursday: Seasonal Bliss

"At ease, Linda. At ease," 2020 encourages.

Photo by Linda

Spiritual Thursday is hosted today by Beyond Literacy 

Thank you, Carol, for your inspiration of Seasonal Bliss.


  1. I do believe that we see what we choose to see. I am hearing of an eagle in our neighborhood. I hope I get to see it soon, even though the report was it was eating a squirrel.
    I'm glad you joined us. I will carry "at ease" with me today.

  2. Oh, your visual with that streak of light is magical! And I love the quote - adding it to my "light" collection.

  3. The present is what is in front of us providing time for us to notice and wonder more, Linda. Thanks for sharing the inspirational quote and the gorgeous outdoor photo of nature. The colors in your photo lifted my spirits after another long drive home from Virginia, reminding me that spending time in the moment with my grandgirls is time well spent.


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