Thursday, June 2, 2022

A Sink Half Full

Hello Poetry Friday,

It's good to see you here. Make sure you don't miss the full round-up at poem curator extraordinaire Karen Edmisten's today. 

It's June and I'm all for that! Molly gave the Inklings a challenge to write a poem about spring cleaning because it's more fun writing about cleaning than cleaning, right?

My take...

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Last weekend, I had some much-needed quality time with my sisters. We went to the cemetery as a family. So many flags were waving for Memorial Day. Those flags reminded me of my veteran Father in Law. A poem for his stars is on the star padlet


  1. This poem fits the challenge well, but it also captures the essence of having kids in college, the frustration at the mess and the emptiness when they leave. I remember it all too well.

    1. Yes. This. So relatable! I know this poem so well. It's a time of mixed emotions - because they change, but we do, too. And yet something's don't change. It's a juggle! Great capture, Linda.

  2. Yes, the dishes do pile up when the kids are home, no matter how old they get! Nice job with your poem, Linda!

  3. Ah, I'm in the place where it's my kids visiting, filling up the usually emptiness then gone again. The "sink is half full" is perfect, Linda.

  4. Oh, I sure relate to your poem!

  5. I love the layers in your poem, Linda. That half-full sink is just perfect! Nice take on the prompt.

  6. Both poems, so wistful -- a mother's heart; a daughter (in-law's) heart. Thank you for sharing these.

  7. Oh wow, this made me nod my head soooo hard. An excellent take on the cycle of kids growing up and leaving - and returning :)

  8. Linda, you two poems are sensitive writings. "A Sink Half Full" makes me think how true and easy it is to fuss and get annoyed by small things. I am guilty of that so next time I am ready to fuss I will think of your poem and be grateful for family. The poem for your father-in-law is a beautiful remembrance of a person who thought beyond self. Have a great weekend.

  9. I love the last line. The sink is half full. Like your glass is half full because the absence of your children has made you more of an optimist about their presence. This was my poem today ...

  10. A sink half full is a heart running over. Happy June, and happy kids back making your life a little bit a good way!

  11. Your poem *swoon* makes me wonder if you are spying on me?! My younger daughter is in Switzerland visiting for the month...quesadillas at midnight last night (jet lag appetite) and dirty dishes surprise this morning. Never been so happy to clean up after my kid. :)

  12. Love your poem and the love in it, tugs at your heart too, thanks Linda, and enjoy your time together!

  13. Yep, I'm definitely not going to miss his watermelon rinds left on the sofa, every light on and him asleep with music blaring when I come down in the morning. Yes, not gonna miss that at all. "ramen right before I serve dinner"!! Perfect, Linda.


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