Thursday, June 9, 2022

SJT June -- a little thing

A little thing I am grateful for is the pool at my local fitness center. Technically, the pool isn't little. I try to stop by and swim at least once a week on my way home from school. I'm grateful for the routine of suiting up, warming up while I wait for a lifeguard to begin duty, and I can jump into the water.

Swimming laps has become one of my joys and a tremendous stress release. While I am swimming, I am counting, focused on where I am in my lane, and tremendously happy when I finish lap eight. 

Before the pandemic, I was swimming ten laps each visit. Now, I'm building back up to ten laps. To a practiced swimmer, ten laps are just a warm-up. I am a novice. I learned to swim when I was a child in summer recreation. I have no experience beyond that. I swim to exercise and to let the water soothe me.

Yesterday, I swam nine laps. 

I'm getting there. I am grateful.

photo from Getty Images. Pixabay

Ramona is hosting our SJT round-up today. I am grateful for her as well!


  1. Way to go. Nine laps is no small thing! I celebrate that it's a stress release and a joyful way to move.

  2. Linda, that is so exciting that you are moving along with your swimming. My son swims 110 - 120 laps per session to help his muscles. When my eye doctor lets me go into the pool, I would love for you to visit me for some sun and swimming at our indoor or outdoor pool this summer. I want to catch up with you. (BTW I love your tea cozy. It has been very useful and reminds me of your friendship. I am grateful for that,

  3. Linda, your post reminds me of a conversation I had this week about goals, in setting small ones to reach ultimate ones. The idea of laps in a pool is so refreshing, as is that photo. Heaven knows we need "tremendous stress relief"!


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