Thursday, June 16, 2022

Spark Arting with Jone II

Star collage--you have my permission to use for PF. Linda M.

Hello June Poets,

It's lovely to see you. Thank you, Michelle Kogan, for hosting our round-up today.

This post is part two of Spark-Arting with Jone Mc Culloch. Spark is a creative exchange that invites artists to share an inspiration piece with a partner, then respond. Last week, I shared Jone's inspiration collage and my responding pantoum.

This week, I share Jone's inspiration pantoum, Silences, and my responding mixed media collage also titled Silences

Silences. Mixed media collage by Linda Mitchell. 2022

This weekend, we are celebrating my Mother-in-law's eightieth birthday. Her stars are now on the padlet


  1. The poem and the mixed media blend together seamlessly. Thank you for such a splendid experience.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mother-in-law! Your collage shows those silences beautifully, Linda. I love the continuing questioning of Jone's poem and among all the rest, that fence! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wonderful pantoum and collage -- both haunting and poignant.


  4. Linda, Jone's poem is so intricate in format. It speaks to me of slight interruptions with depth captured. Your mixed collage addresses images portrayed in the pantoum. You and Jone make a great pair. I really want to learn more about mixed collage. Maybe another meet-up is due.

  5. I love how your collage of silences echoes Jone's poem.

  6. Love your collage Linda, the imagery and especially the warm overtones and complementary colors! What an intriguing poem from Jone, with so much anticipation, and picked up in your collage too, thanks for both Linda! I love the softness coming through in "Nana's Stars" and your ending lines–enjoy t he party!

  7. Oh Linda! I love Nana's Stars! What a wonderful birthday gift for her! Thank you for sharing it!


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