Thursday, June 30, 2022


Any Poetry Friday poet has permission to use this image

Happy Friday!

Thank you, Janice, at Salt City Verse, for hosting this week's poetry round-up. I so enjoy her poems and have shared at least one with students.

Heidi challenged the Inklings to write a poem of persistence. I kept thinking I had more time to write a persistence poem. Time tomorrow or the next day...and look! It's July 1st. Uh, oh. It's time now! And, the prompt is not procrastination.

This draft will certainly change as I persist in revision.

Gladys is the star of show in the newest padlet poem. We are halfway through the year. I'm celebrating 26 poems written. Wheeeeeeee!

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Gladys in a mood


  1. I love those beginning lines, Linda, and the vanishing letters on your keyboard. What a great start to your poem!!! By the way, July 1st certainly crept up on me, too!

  2. Your persistence pays off in your poem, Linda!
    And congrats on 26 shining padlet poems - many thanks to Gladys for 'granting you an approach'. :)

  3. I'm loving the vanishing letters. Can't help wondering if the shift has moved to a silencing sound, of if it is murmuring "sh**" ?!?! :-) And Gladys. I'm in LOVE with Gladys.

  4. I am also a fan of the vanishing letters on your keyboard. It symbolizes your unrelentless pursuit of penning your thoughts, Linda. I wonder if Gladys is the beauty that I have seen at our community's entrance pond-such a graceful pose she offered for your photo op.

  5. I love the idea that even when the surface is worn thin and invisible, the action still acts, the abacus, the rosary, the pearls--beads on a cord of repetition, the HABIT of persistence. Lovely!

  6. The idea that the keys are worn from persistence along with the rosary beads is a profound statement of your faith in your writing. I love that we Inklings keep each other persistent.

  7. Love that beginning & your honest & true way of showing how you will not give up, Linda. Your imagining of those worn letters is really special!

  8. I love the idea of persistence harboring secrets in rodary beads and pearls.And yes, those vanishing letters! I'm sure they have secrets, too.

  9. What an intriguing bird, Gladys, who only allows rare photos! 20+ poems on your padlet shows your persistence even without the worn down keys on your computer. Lovely poems, both.

  10. Linda, I love how you've personified persistence through such vivid description. And Gladys! They have been elusive around here this summer, so I'm glad you're getting regular sightings!

  11. Linda, I love showing persistence through those worn-off letters on a keyboard. Genius!

  12. Thanks for your Persistence in persevering your poem Linda, love it's tongue and cheek flavor. I also enjoyed Gladys' visit, and glad she's in her summer stomping grounds!


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