Thursday, November 9, 2023

Folktale Week is Coming

Hello Poets,

I hope US friends can find a veteran to salute in some way today. I'm grateful that on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 nations of our world chose peace over war. 

Next week, November 13 - 19th is Folktale Week. This is a week of prompts presented to artists around the globe to respond to. Although Folktale Week began with illustrators, artists of all forms and formats are invited to participate.

This year's prompts are...


I'm hoping to have some fun with these words over the next week. Maybe you'll join in too?

I was poking around for fairytale poems and found a poem inside this poem by Edith Weaver.

Lost Cinderella

By Edith Weaver

Little rich girl, with bells,
come running lightly as
the fawn of the fairytales
treading on musical leaves;

come running through the precious path
in the hypnotic forest
where nothing dares fall into a clutter of death
till you are past,

where the wind stands straight as an elm
to offer fringed shelter
and pale blossoms smile through an atmosphere
glossy as water.

The wolves and the witches will not deign
to lift their muzzles
from counting a spoil of screaming bone
to taste a tinkerbell

and your fortunate body has no skeleton
but cakes and perfume
that wrinkles the noses of neighboring children
who do not know you

but primly wait in the summerhouse
for the promised party
side by side with a council of solemn dolls
who try you in memory.

Do you see the pink highlighted words of a poem I found inside Weaver's poem? It's a great way to get into the vibe of Folktale Week.

Thank you, Karen Edminsten, for hosting this week's round-up. I've caught up with Word's padlet. Still on track for 52 word poems in 2023.

Little Red Riding Hood. [United States: publisher not transcribed] Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.


  1. Linda, I love the variety on your Word Padlet. Thanks for telling us about Folktale Week.I am sure you will have your library full of a showcase of fables. Find a small poem within a larger one brings a new tale to life.I look forward to see your work during Folktale Week, Happy Writing.

  2. The original poem is a story & you've delightfully shown us a new way to look at it, Linda. I love that ending, "side-by-side with/memory".

  3. Thanks for the heads up about Folktale Week. Enjoyed your found poem and browsing Word's padlet. Quite impressive!

  4. Ooooh! I'd forgotten all about Folktale Week. Thanks so much for the reminder. I also love the poem you shared and the one you found as well.

  5. I have this on my calendar thanks to you. I love, love, love that you will have 52 poems written by the end of December. I wonder how many I have written?

  6. Thank you for the introduction to folktale week. I am intrigued! Hmmmm....

  7. Oh folktale week sounds interesting! I could spin some poems with those words. Sounds fun. So great to see you last week!

    1. So good to see you too! Now, I need time to process all the learning. Don't think I'm going to get it.

  8. I am submitting a proposal for a presentation using erasure/blackout poetry. What a wonderful model you shared. May I borrow it?

    1. of course! I found this poem on the Poetry Foundation's site. It's from 1947.

  9. You're a creative force, Linda! Thanks for always generously sharing your found treasures. I will try to appreciate Folktale Week this year and maybe jump in next! Happy weekending. Way to go on your poems this year!!

  10. Thanks for the pointer to this worldwide game, Linda! I love your tinkly little pink poem very much. I wonder if next week is the week to participate for me? I'll give it a try...see you soon!

  11. Linda, thank you for this post. I hope the world will choose peace again soon. Thanks for sharing the words of the folktale week. I may have to try that! You found some sweet words in the Lost poem. I love that you are so focused on words this year and share some of the wonder with us. Beautiful!

  12. Linda, you have alerted me to a previously unknown celebration. Always love how poetry hides inside earlier poems and stories, awating discovery. The words you found fit seamlessly together, Well done.

  13. Love the little ditty you culled from the larger poem, "musical leaves," "fringed shelter," and ending with memory–very much a tale within a tale. Folktale week, sounds enchanting… thanks for all Linda!

  14. I was inspired to use the Folktale week prompts this week, too! I like the approach you took, and love the poem you found in "Lost Cinderella." Can't wait to see with what else you come up with using these words.

  15. I didn't know about Folktale Week! Thanks for educating me. Love the way you teased a poem from within that poem. ❤️❤️

  16. Wonderful found poems, Linda! I didn't know about folktale week, but may use the words as poetry prompts. Thanks!

  17. Linda, I will have to check into Folktale Week. I love the words for this year's stories as well. You are always creating, finding ways to create, and sharing them with others. I admire you for this! Thank you!


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