Thursday, March 25, 2021

Of Squid Proportions

Happy Friday,

I'm away from my desk today. Responses from me this week will be slow...but I'll get to them.

A lovely poet from Laura Shovan's 9th annual February Poetry Project shared a call for poems for an anthology about octopuses. I want to send a poem. But, I don't know much about octopuses or other cephalopods. One of my favorite websites, The Smithsonian Institution, was a help to get started: 

Page 27 from "A Handbook to the National Museum under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington" with illustrations of helmet shell (Fig. 21); mollusks dwelling on land or in fresh-water (Fig. 22); calamary (Fig. 23); octopus swimming (Fig. 24); and octopus crawling (Fig. 25).

What a neat document to find poetry in! I fished (haha) through lines of text for phrases in 5 and 7 syllables lengths. From those lines, I found some haiku. And, I was able to form questions that led me to more information in other places. Fun!

haiku found from the article posted above...with some help from the colored pencils college daughter left behind for me-

Do you want to find out more about submitting to the octopus and other cephalopod anthology? Here is the link for more information. Happy writing!

See a new poem on padlet.

Susan is graciously hosting Poetry Friday this week at Soul Blossom Living. Be sure to stop by and see her lovely work and lots more poetry.


  1. I love the "draw in prey/of squid proportions", Linda. Good for you for the research & writing for that anthology. My hometown story is an octopus in a 'now closed' small aquarium that opened here a few years ago. That octopus kept escaping & it made the news often. They are sly, those octopi! Have a nice weekend!

  2. You are so clever! I love the haiku and your illustration! Can't wait to hear more about where this research is taking you.

  3. Beautiful! Have you seen "My Octopus Teacher" on Netflix?

    1. I haven't! I might need to give that a try over spring break.

  4. Brava, Linda! I think you were able to 'fish' out great haiku because you are a 'well armed' poet! Thanks for the link to the anthology call for submissions. I'm going to get 'kraken' on writing a Cephalopod poem. :)

  5. Don't you love it when a call for a poem takes you down rivers of learning. I remember my fascination with octopuses when Irene asked for octopus poems to celebrate her book. Fascinating creatures.

  6. Wow, I like your poem AND your artwork on your FOUND words page. Thanks for the submission info but not sure I'll manage to come up with one! Haven't been around PF for a while and so looking forward to all the good things in April. Such a great community!
    Janet Clare F.

  7. Well that was delightful! I do love a process blog post. So interesting to learn the hows and whys from one another about our craft. And you are truly crafty -- words and images, I mean. Cheers! -- Christie @

  8. I love how your learning and creating go hand in hand—well done on your catch of the day! I am a relatively new fan of Octopi thanks to two documentaries, both of which I loved. My Octopus Teacher was one, and the other I might have seen on Nature...? It was about this man and his daughter who kept a young Octopus in their home for a period of time, like a pet.

  9. What a beautiful post, Linda! I love how you shared your inspiration and process and how that lovely octopus outlines your found poem! Talk about presentation! Also, I'm definitely going to have to watch "My Octopus Teacher" now.


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