Sunday, April 9, 2023

Progressive Poem Day 9

Good Morning and Happy Easter!

The Progressive Poem winds through these parts today. Thank you to all that came before. You set up a beautiful story. I'm so glad to join with a line.

Days 1-8

Suddenly everything fell into place
like raindrops hitting soil and sinking in.

When morning first poked me, I'd wished it away
my mind in the mist, muddled, confused.

Was this a dream, or reality, rousing my response?
The sun surged, urging me to join in its rising,

Rising like a crystal ball reflecting on morning dew.
I yawn and s-t-r-e-t-c-h, ready to explore the day.

Day 9
My feet pull me outside and into the garden.

Denise Krebs at Dare to Care has the next line. See all the poets for this year's Progressive Poem at Another Year of Reading.


  1. Good morning, Linda, and Happy Easter to you who celebrate! It's interesting that the feet are less misted, muddled and confused...and I wonder what kind of garden Denise will imagine for this character. I'm hoping for a native vegetable garden (but then I'm *always* hoping for an environmentally conscious poem! 😂)

  2. Linda, after getting feedback from Heidi about my line, I changed it to "I jumped out of bed, ready to explore the day." Would you mind changing it here to? Thank you!

  3. Here we go! We are going somewhere. Great place to create the scene. Thanks for participating on this Easter celebration day.

  4. Oh, Linda, wonderful beginning of the action here. Now what's next? I'll be pondering that for today. And I saw Leigh Anne's comment, I'll make the change on my post too.

  5. I like where you are taking us, Linda! :)


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